Busy.. [Sep. 29th, 2004|09:32 pm]
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I’ve been working endlessly for the past few days.  Some of the work is a desperate attempt to catch up on assignments, sometimes I’m trying to get a headstart.  I’m currently in the middle of downloading some Pakistani music for an IB World Music Presentation.  I’ve got my research done, and I need to massproduce some handouts for the class.  School has left me with no time to play games =P

My Algebra 2A score is now at 98.0%.  Today, I learned not to offer people help while a test or a quiz is in progress.  When in hell is Hotmail going to give us the larger inboxes that we clearly need, and when is Gmail going to go public?  I’ve been hearing about this stuff since before the summer.  It’s time that these companies start working.  I went to sleep way too late last night, and I plan to get a little more sleep in tonight.

The first quarter of the school year is almost over, and I’m doing well in the majority of my classes.  If only I knew what to do in Web Page Authoring.  I swear, I will never retake that class.  It’s been a waste of my time for the most part.  The teacher rejects my work constantly, and I’m being threatened with a failing grade.  The scariest thing is, she’ll probably do it.  And now a Penny-Arcade comic!


Had Cross Country practice again today.  We just ran around the school for about 30 minutes, which isn’t that bad at all anymore.  Tomorrow we’re going to be doing something a little harder.  Yesterday, we worked on hill training.  That was horrible considering the fact that I twisted my ankle at FRIM, and my left knee was acting up.  Everything should be just fine tomorrow, I think.

French 3 project roughdraft due on Friday.  Oh great.

It keeps raining here, too.  It rained early in the morning, and it started up again after I got home from school a little after 5PM.  It’s been going on up to now, and I’m not sure when it’ll stop.  A nice change compared to the constant dryness of Beijing, which got rain only through the government.

Just found something:
16.7 Megapixel Camera by Canon

XBox Modding Status:
Failure.  It turns out that our XBox is the latest hardware revision, v1.6.  As a result, the guys we went to didn’t have a modchip suitable for the XBox.  We’ll try again in a month or two.

KillnBurn Deluxe is practically dead.  I’m still folding, though.  [email protected]!


Long Day

Long Day [Sep. 26th, 2004|09:43 pm]
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I got up this morning at about 6:30AM because my brother told me that the two guys that we were hosting (Roberto and Miguel) were about to leave.  I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and went through my whole morning routine just to find out that they were still asleep and that they didn’t need to wake up for another 30 minutes.  >:(

So I’m up, and I just waste away the time.  I had some Milo, a Dunkin’ Donuts donut, and a vitamin supplement.  I don’t know if the vitamin supplements are really helping me, but I can always try.  I twisted my ankle on yesterday’s 5KM run, and I finished with a time of 22 minutes 56 seconds.  I still consider the time an improvement over Singapore since I twisted my ankle just over halfway into the run.  My ankle’s still hurting, and I’m using some Deep Heating Muscle Rub to try and get it working up again.  It’ll just get worse at school tomorrow, which plainly sucks.  Right now, there’s some swelling.

Roberto and Miguel left for ISKL at about 7:15AM.  After they left, I worked on my AP US Historyhomework and I looked over the roughdraft of my Algebra 2A project.  Not very thrilling, but I hadn’t gotten much work in earlier.  I’m finding that my eyes have been getting worse since the summer, so I’ll try and severely limit the time I spend on the computer.  It’s killing me slowly, and I hate it.  I can’t see things from as far away or as sharp as I could when I first got my new glasses.  Whenever I get a new prescription, I always notice first that the leaves on trees stand out far more brilliantly.  Too bad the only things in my backyard are coconut trees.  There’s also something absurdly large, which I assume is a banana tree.

We went to Ampang Park today to try and return the first copy of The Sims 2 that we bought.  We also took along the XBox, which my dad agreed to have modded.  We will have the XBox modded for200RM, a little over $50 USD.  I don’t know for sure what mod chip they’ll be putting into the machine, but I’m looking forward to having it back and ready to play pirated games tomorrow.  The shopkeep didn’t want to give us back our money for The Sims 2, and they wouldn’t exchange it for any other games until we brought back the lousy documentation material that it came with.  We’ll be trading it for Rainbow Six: Raven Shield or something.  Not exactly sure what my brother plans to do.

After getting this done, we headed off to 大同 to grab some food.  It was already about 1PM, and it turned out that some guys had booked out the whole place for a wedding party.  As a result of this, we ended up eating Japanese food.  I ordered some sashimi with tuna, salmon, scallop, and octopus or squid.  Wasn’t bad, and the restaurant was clean.

Now came the long boring part of my day.  My whole family drove off to IKEA to find a desk for my sister.  We spent 7 hours in that place.  7 freaking hours.  We ended up buying about 1,000RMworth of stuff.  We got a table, two chairs, and some other little things.  The whole process took way too long, and my ankle hurt like hell every time I used it.

Now I’m listening to some of my older music again.  I don’t know if I will be able to run tomorrow.



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I just finished playing a little Counter-Strike with Bobby.  The ping still sucks.  I hosted a dedicated server from my own computer, and I joined in the game.  Due to Malaysia’s crappy network, Bobby gets a ping of 100.  Yes, he got pwned.  At least we both got a little ‘training’ in.  It turns out that good ‘ol Bobby is using speakers, and he was lagging like hell.  I’m doing pretty well in school overall, and the Cross Country exchange is tomorrow.  People are coming from Brent International School of Manila, Singapore American School, Jakarta International School.  I believe that’s the schools that will be visiting, but I’m never really sure =)

Today was just fine.  We didn’t have Cross Country practice after school, so I got home at around3:20PM.  The Brent International School guys will be arriving at ISKL at about 11:30PM.  Going to get a new SIM card and The Sims 2 sometime during this weekend.  Terry Fox Run is on Sunday, 5KM.


Family Fear Factor, School, and XC

Family Fear Factor, School, and XC [Sep. 21st, 2004|09:01 pm]
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Last night I was watching Family Fear Factor on AXN Asia.  It was down to the final three parent-child teams, and the competition was getting fierce.  The time to beat was a hair short of 3 minutes, the time which was set by the first group to go.  The second group finished just 2 seconds short of the first time, and they stood at the dock watching the last team to go.

The last team, comprising of a mom and her son, started off strong.  The son had the simple task of hanging onto a swing and jumping into the water at the point nearest a large platform.  The mom was doing all of the hard work – she jumped off of a speedboat and had to swim for about a minute in order to reach the platform.  Once she reached the platform, she pulled a lever which sent her son flying 30 feet away from the platform.  Now came the final leg of the race.  Her son swam and swam to the large raft which marked the goal.  He climbed aboard, grabbed the flag off the pole, and was looking quite unhappy indeed.

The “reality show” hosts had masked the finishing time in order to produce a little suspense.  The announcer was still talking away, and the camera was showing the mom sobbing on the platform.  “Knowing” that she and her son had lost the $50,000 prize, she blamed it all on herself.  Meanwhile, her son was pointing at her from the raft and screaming, “It’s all your fault!  It’s all your fault!”.  Can you believe the nerve this kid has?  What a n00b.

It turns out the stupid kid and his mom won, and he finally stopped shouting at her from across the water.  Absolut Moron.

School today was fine, just like every single other day.  My Algebra 2A grade has increased to a97.9%, giving me the second highest grade in the class.  w00t! XD We wrote an FRQ in AP US History today comparing and contrasting the Articles of Confederation and the Federal Constitution.  Very deep stuff.  I still find AP US History to be my most interesting class.  No other class has taught me as much information so far this year.

Today in Cross Country, we ran to a guardhouse somewhere near KDE.  The guardhouse was up, sitting pretty on after a climb.  I stopped once at the top right after reaching the guardhouse, and I ran the rest of the way back.  I have no idea how far we ran today.  Two 12th graders from Brent International School of Manila are going to be staying at my house for the weekend Cross Country Exchange.