Busy.. [Sep. 29th, 2004|09:32 pm]
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I’ve been working endlessly for the past few days.  Some of the work is a desperate attempt to catch up on assignments, sometimes I’m trying to get a headstart.  I’m currently in the middle of downloading some Pakistani music for an IB World Music Presentation.  I’ve got my research done, and I need to massproduce some handouts for the class.  School has left me with no time to play games =P

My Algebra 2A score is now at 98.0%.  Today, I learned not to offer people help while a test or a quiz is in progress.  When in hell is Hotmail going to give us the larger inboxes that we clearly need, and when is Gmail going to go public?  I’ve been hearing about this stuff since before the summer.  It’s time that these companies start working.  I went to sleep way too late last night, and I plan to get a little more sleep in tonight.

The first quarter of the school year is almost over, and I’m doing well in the majority of my classes.  If only I knew what to do in Web Page Authoring.  I swear, I will never retake that class.  It’s been a waste of my time for the most part.  The teacher rejects my work constantly, and I’m being threatened with a failing grade.  The scariest thing is, she’ll probably do it.  And now a Penny-Arcade comic!


Had Cross Country practice again today.  We just ran around the school for about 30 minutes, which isn’t that bad at all anymore.  Tomorrow we’re going to be doing something a little harder.  Yesterday, we worked on hill training.  That was horrible considering the fact that I twisted my ankle at FRIM, and my left knee was acting up.  Everything should be just fine tomorrow, I think.

French 3 project roughdraft due on Friday.  Oh great.

It keeps raining here, too.  It rained early in the morning, and it started up again after I got home from school a little after 5PM.  It’s been going on up to now, and I’m not sure when it’ll stop.  A nice change compared to the constant dryness of Beijing, which got rain only through the government.

Just found something:
16.7 Megapixel Camera by Canon

XBox Modding Status:
Failure.  It turns out that our XBox is the latest hardware revision, v1.6.  As a result, the guys we went to didn’t have a modchip suitable for the XBox.  We’ll try again in a month or two.

KillnBurn Deluxe is practically dead.  I’m still folding, though.  [email protected]!