Family Fear Factor, School, and XC

Family Fear Factor, School, and XC [Sep. 21st, 2004|09:01 pm]
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Last night I was watching Family Fear Factor on AXN Asia.  It was down to the final three parent-child teams, and the competition was getting fierce.  The time to beat was a hair short of 3 minutes, the time which was set by the first group to go.  The second group finished just 2 seconds short of the first time, and they stood at the dock watching the last team to go.

The last team, comprising of a mom and her son, started off strong.  The son had the simple task of hanging onto a swing and jumping into the water at the point nearest a large platform.  The mom was doing all of the hard work – she jumped off of a speedboat and had to swim for about a minute in order to reach the platform.  Once she reached the platform, she pulled a lever which sent her son flying 30 feet away from the platform.  Now came the final leg of the race.  Her son swam and swam to the large raft which marked the goal.  He climbed aboard, grabbed the flag off the pole, and was looking quite unhappy indeed.

The “reality show” hosts had masked the finishing time in order to produce a little suspense.  The announcer was still talking away, and the camera was showing the mom sobbing on the platform.  “Knowing” that she and her son had lost the $50,000 prize, she blamed it all on herself.  Meanwhile, her son was pointing at her from the raft and screaming, “It’s all your fault!  It’s all your fault!”.  Can you believe the nerve this kid has?  What a n00b.

It turns out the stupid kid and his mom won, and he finally stopped shouting at her from across the water.  Absolut Moron.

School today was fine, just like every single other day.  My Algebra 2A grade has increased to a97.9%, giving me the second highest grade in the class.  w00t! XD We wrote an FRQ in AP US History today comparing and contrasting the Articles of Confederation and the Federal Constitution.  Very deep stuff.  I still find AP US History to be my most interesting class.  No other class has taught me as much information so far this year.

Today in Cross Country, we ran to a guardhouse somewhere near KDE.  The guardhouse was up, sitting pretty on after a climb.  I stopped once at the top right after reaching the guardhouse, and I ran the rest of the way back.  I have no idea how far we ran today.  Two 12th graders from Brent International School of Manila are going to be staying at my house for the weekend Cross Country Exchange.