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I just finished playing a little Counter-Strike with Bobby.  The ping still sucks.  I hosted a dedicated server from my own computer, and I joined in the game.  Due to Malaysia’s crappy network, Bobby gets a ping of 100.  Yes, he got pwned.  At least we both got a little ‘training’ in.  It turns out that good ‘ol Bobby is using speakers, and he was lagging like hell.  I’m doing pretty well in school overall, and the Cross Country exchange is tomorrow.  People are coming from Brent International School of Manila, Singapore American School, Jakarta International School.  I believe that’s the schools that will be visiting, but I’m never really sure =)

Today was just fine.  We didn’t have Cross Country practice after school, so I got home at around3:20PM.  The Brent International School guys will be arriving at ISKL at about 11:30PM.  Going to get a new SIM card and The Sims 2 sometime during this weekend.  Terry Fox Run is on Sunday, 5KM.