Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat [Sep. 20th, 2004|01:10 pm]
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Notice the time that I’m writing this at.

It was a normal school day, and I just had a Study Hall period first thing in the day.  During ILA, we were presenting little interpretations of a short story.  Suddenly, the Public Address System kicked to life and we were informed that the school had just received a bomb threat.  Following school procedure, everyone evacuated the building and fled in an “orderly fashion” to the upper fields.  The whole school was emptied out, and everyone waited in the fields.  After about 30 minutes, the 10th grade piled onto buses.

The buses brought everyone over to KDE, a sports club.  The gym was hot and loud, and I waited for my mom to arrive.  She arrived after about 10 minutes, and my siblings and I went to McDonalds to eat.  Now I’m back at home and playing around.  What a day..

I’m still wondering if the bomb threat was false or not.  It is possible that it was just a test of the bomb threat procedure, but why would there be no warning in advance?  As long as the school has not blown up and turned into a pile of rubble, I think we’ll be heading back for classes tomorrow.  Better start working.  =D

Slow day

Slow day [Sep. 19th, 2004|07:46 pm]
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Let’s kick off today with yet another comic from Penny-Arcade!

Sin City Sketchbook: Vol. 2

Now that that’s over, on to today.

Today, I worked a little in the morning.  I woke up around 9:30AM and worked a little on AP US History extra credit work.  It’s always good to make sure my grade will stay high =)

Another comic, just because I saw it and I liked it:

Somewhat Unpleasant

Awesomely disturbing.  Back to today.  I was working, and I finished two extra credit quizzes.  That means I have 20 extra points tucked away just in case I flunk a test or do something else ridiculous.  I didn’t do much homework over the weekend, namely because I didn’t have too much to get done.  I hope I’m not too far behind on any assignments.  I do need to complete my Honors Chemistry project.  I’ll do that tomorrow, and have it turned in by next class.

I got Norton Antivirus 2005, and I have it installed now.  Too bad it’s not the Professionalversion, but it’ll do for now.  I cleaned up my computer a little, along with my workspace.  That’s basically it.  I spent a whole day doing that.


Yesterday [Sep. 19th, 2004|10:44 am]
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Yesterday, my whole family left the house around 10:30AM.  We rode the LRT to Ampang Park, where I was able to purchase a can of Zippo lighter fluid.  My Zippos haven’t had any fuel in them since we were in Beijing.  My mom and dad got a haircut, and my brother bought The Sims 2.  We headed out to 大同 (Royal China is its English name) for lunch.  Very good food, and they serve non-Halal food so we were able to get some pork.  We ate dim sun, bought some moon cakes, and hopped on the LRT once again.  My parents needed to purchase airplane tickets for my dad and my sister to get to the States.  We all went to the Putra World Trade Center, where they were holding the MATTA Fair.

That’s where the day went downhill.  We were stuck inside a cramped environment trying to purchase plane tickets.  Remember, this fair is all about travel and it’s a good way to buy cheap airplane tickets.  The power was down, so we couldn’t actually complete the transaction for the airplane tickets until an hour or so later.  There were a ton of people moving to and fro, and the A/C wasn’t working well.  Eventually, we secured 2 tickets for a flight to JFK, and two tickets for a flight to Shanghaiduring Spring Break.  Since I’ll be turning 16 before Spring Break, I won’t have to fly as an unaccompanied minor from now on. =D

On the way back, we stopped by KLCC.  My brother, Justin, decided that he wanted something to eat so he went to the Cinnabon.  I went with my dad to the Maxis Service Center to see if we could get my SIM card replaced.  After walking through the rain (without knowing that there was actually a path to reach the center without stepping foot outside of KLCC), we reached the service center.  I asked the only counter still open if they could help me replace my SIM card.  It turns out that the counter that performs the service closes at 1:30PM everyday, meaning we were about 4 hours late.

Upon returning home, we received some new furniture that we ordered last week.  We sent back the bookshelf/display case because it didn’t have pre-made holes to mount the shelves on.  We also received a large TV table.  Some touch-up work is required for the glass panels on the sides, so we’ll wait before putting in all of our audio and video equipment.

That sums up yesterday.  =)


Weekend! [Sep. 17th, 2004|08:47 pm]
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Good day, good day.  Once again, a little comic strip to look at =D

Now that that’s over, let’s go over what happened today.  I woke up bright and early at around 6AMand got to school a little late for XC practice (6:30AM).  We ran over to Ukay Heights today to do some hill training.  Boys were to do 5 runs of 90 seconds.  It sounds like nothing, but it really gets you tired fast.  We finished running, I got showered, and headed off to classes.  Classes today:

Web Page Authoring: Same ‘ol class.  I’m still trying to find “my style”, which has been taking from the start of the school year up to now.  It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what the teacher wants, but I try.  I’ve come up with my logo, but I’m having some difficulty figuring out just what to do with it speaking in terms of animations.  I have no Flash knowledge, so I have yet to learn.

Algebra 2A: Test day.  Simple test, though.  I’m sure I got close to a perfect score.  My Algebra 2A score is still up high, and I’m going to keep it that way.  It’s an easy class so far, shouldn’t be too bad.

French 3: Well, this is basically a repeated year, seeing that I took French 3 at the International School of Beijing (ISB).  It’s not that hard, but I need to work on it a little more.  Today we did some easy exercises, learning more about the grammer and reviewing passé composé for les verbes réfléchis.

AP US History: My favorite and most challenging course.  Today, we took a test on Chapter 8 of the book.  I missed 3 problems, earning an 80%.  It doesn’t mean too much because the grade will go up thanks to the mass of Extra-Credit work I’ve been completing.

Everything’s been going just fine.  I have no new music to listen to, so it’s the same albums over and over again for me.  Oh well.  In other news, we got a new Astro Smartcard.  I have no idea what it’ll do, but that’s peachy anyways! =S

KLCC tomorrow, and it’s my mom’s birthday too!