Slow day

Slow day [Sep. 19th, 2004|07:46 pm]
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Let’s kick off today with yet another comic from Penny-Arcade!

Sin City Sketchbook: Vol. 2

Now that that’s over, on to today.

Today, I worked a little in the morning.  I woke up around 9:30AM and worked a little on AP US History extra credit work.  It’s always good to make sure my grade will stay high =)

Another comic, just because I saw it and I liked it:

Somewhat Unpleasant

Awesomely disturbing.  Back to today.  I was working, and I finished two extra credit quizzes.  That means I have 20 extra points tucked away just in case I flunk a test or do something else ridiculous.  I didn’t do much homework over the weekend, namely because I didn’t have too much to get done.  I hope I’m not too far behind on any assignments.  I do need to complete my Honors Chemistry project.  I’ll do that tomorrow, and have it turned in by next class.

I got Norton Antivirus 2005, and I have it installed now.  Too bad it’s not the Professionalversion, but it’ll do for now.  I cleaned up my computer a little, along with my workspace.  That’s basically it.  I spent a whole day doing that.