Work work work!

Work work work! [Sep. 14th, 2004|07:39 pm]
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I’m currently working on my AP US History homework.  I’ve got to finish up Chapter 10 Focus Questions and the packet for tomorrow’s class.  Today, I completely forgot about my Honors Chemistry project!  I assumed that it was due the next class, not today.  Currently, I’m swimming in homework.  It’s already 7:30PM, and I’ve just about completed my AP US History Focus Questions.  However, I still have a few questions to finish up inside the packet.  I should prioritize more.  Definitely.

Now if I only knew how to make my user icon show up with every single comment or entry I make into my LiveJournal.  How do I do this?

In other news, I accidentally killed my SIM card.  I was playing around with my Nokia 8310 on the bus, trying to change the PIN2 code.  It turns out that Maxis decided to give me some default code, and I wanted it gone.  I like personalizing my stuff.  Well, I kept trying to guess the default code.  Sadly, I got locked out of my phone and it requested me for my PUK code.  I guessed the PUK codeabout 7 times, when the phone just quit on me and showed one thing on the screen:

SIM card

Alright, so now I’m mad.  I called Maxis’ Customer Service line and asked them what I could do.  My phone can’t make calls, I can’t check my phone book, and it’s permanently stuck displaying this dumb error message.  They tell me that I guessed the PUK code incorrectly too many times, and the SIM card has killed itself.  Well, what can I do?  Go out to a Maxis Center and pay them 50RM.  It’s not that much of a fee, but I’m not happy with it.  Utter crap.  They tell me that I can keep my old phone number, though.  At least that makes things a little more convenient.

Now, I want to get either the Sony Ericsson K700i or the Sony Ericsson T630 for my new phone.  Once my Nokia 8310 dies, I’m off to purchase one of those beasts.  I love the Sony Ericsson T630.  It comes in two nice colors, has a camera on the back, color screen, all the goodies I want.  And it’s triband, unlike my Nokia 8310.  Of course, I find that the Sony Ericsson K700 is much nicer.  It’s more costly, too at 1400RM.  The T630 costs 930RM.  Both aren’t cheap, but they’re quality phones.  I might go back to Beijing or Shanghai to purchase a K700.

It rained today, and it rained pretty hard.  I’m going to keep working now. >:(