A Very Semi-Charmed Life

A Very Semi-Charmed Life [Oct. 2nd, 2004|10:13 pm]
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The past few days have been filled with work and little fun.  Thank God for weekends.  On Thursday, we ran the following for our Cross Country workout:
– 3 X 400M Warmup
– 4 X 800M Heats
– 3 X 400M Cooldown (Between 800M)
– 4 X 400M Heats
– 3 X 200M Cooldown (Between 400M)
– 4 X 200M Heats
– 1 X 400M Cooldown

What’s that add up to boys and girls?
= 3(400) + 4(800) + 3(400) + 4(400) + 3(200) + 4(200) + 1(400)
= 11(400) + 4(800) + 7(200)
= 4400 + 3200 + 1400
= 9000

9KM.  One day.  The thing is, we’ll be proceeding along at this pace for the rest of the Cross Country season.  I want to participate in Cross Country every year that I’m here at ISKL.  Perhaps I’ll make IASAS someday.  At least it keeps me from sitting around all day.

Friday was an easy day for Cross Country.  My mom got me to school at 6:30AM, and we ran around a bit.  Come to think about it, I can’t even remember where in Hell we went.  It’s all a mess in my head, I’ve got to have a little more time to think.  And read while I’m at it.

Here He Goes Again On His Own

Welcome to Matrimony Theatre

Today, my whole family went out to a place called Templer Park.  It was made by some British guy back in 1954, and we went there with our dog to explore a bit.  Large place, a trail that you can walk along.  Golf course.  It was a hot day, so I didn’t really like it.  My only complaint about Malaysia is the heat.  My parents went up the trail a bit, and then we went back home.  It turned out that there was a leech sucking the blood out of Sweety, our Scottish Terrier.  I just saw it moving along, its black form filled with blood.  I got a tissue, balled it up, and threw it out of the window while we were cruising down the highway.  When we got back home we bought some quality food from McDonalds, and my sister attempted to wash the dog.

Just a few minutes later we heard a scream.  I thought that she had discovered more leeches whoring away Sweety’s precious blood.  It turned out that Sweety actually bit Alice.  No reason at all.  Just decided to bite her.  I found it surprising because Alice treats her the best out of all of us.  She constantly pampers Sweety, cleans up after her, and gives her food to eat all day.  She most likely touched the spot on Sweety’s paw where the leech was sucking out blood earlier.

My dad went out to get some furniture and he came back several hours later with a new little sidetable.  It’s got a walnut finish, and we put it next to the piano.  He also purchased a new coffee table.  He’s really into teak wood furniture, and he’s going to snag as much as he can possibly get.

I’ve been busy doing a project for Music Theory on the music of Pakistan.  I’m also doing another project for French on the history of Vietnam.  Interesting topics, I think.  School’s coming along fairly well with the exception of ILA.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong in the class, and I’m getting horrible grades.  It’s rather discouraging, but I’ll live through it.

I also played some Project Gotham Racing 2.  I’m up to the Ultimate Car Series, and the races are pretty exciting.  I hope I can get the XBox modified as soon as possible.

Hello Jeff.  Glad to see that you’re still alive.  Tim, you too.

Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with Zheng tomorrow at KLCC.  Time permitting, of course.  I need to finish my Music project!