Missing Miles

Missing Miles [Oct. 31st, 2004|01:01 pm]
I had been curious as to how many miles I had accumulated over the summer.  My brother and I flew quite a lot, and I was hoping that I would get a rank upgrade with the mileage programs.  So yesterday, I checked United Airline’s frequent flyer site.  I logged in, and found that I only have 15,000 miles!  What happened to the miles that we earned flying from Beijing to JFK?  What about the miles that I asked Singapore Airlines to credit to our UA accounts when we flew from Newark to Singapore, and then to Kuala Lumpur?  That’s a lot of missing information!

I was hunting through the house for the journal that I kept over the summer to see if I had written down anything – flight numbers, departure dates.  My mom couldn’t find all the receipts that she had me keep.  There’s a possibility that she chucked it all away after scanning through it a few times and keeping a quick note of our expenses.

Now that I have the dates, I’m going to write up Air China and Singapore Airlines.  I want my miles.

The XBox got repaired after the unfortunate modchip flash.  It turns out that there was some bad connection between two points, and that they just had to resolder something.  And all along, I thought it was the modchip’s BIOS.  I read that the orange and yellow LED indicated that some reset switch wasn’t contacting properly, and I dismissed it thinking that this was an entirely different problem from the one that I was experiencing.  Even so, I didn’t have the tools required to fix it up by myself.  I don’t have the Torx 10 screwdriver required to expose the motherboard, and my dad got rid of our soldering iron.  We probably sold it off or something once we knew that we wouldn’t need it in Beijing.

My brother, dad, and I went to Ampang Park to pick up the XBox at about 8PM last night.  We got there, and it worked just fine.  However, it didn’t play DVDs like it was supposed to.  My dad insisted that they install the dongle-free DVD playback software and get the XBox back to us at a later date.  Of course, we haven’t even had it working for the past week and Justin wasn’t so happy about this.  Hopefully we can get it back soon, and have it ready to go by next weekend.

Sweetie’s getting rather lazy lately.  She’s been inside the house for a good 4 hours, just laying down in the study.  I thought she’d want to get out and have a drink.  We really need to make a dogtag for her so that people know where she belongs.  The sidegate has been fixed up so she can’t get out anymore.  She doesn’t like the sound of fireworks going off, and she barks at them thinking that they’re enemies.  We need to wash her.  Badly.