Runaway [Oct. 21st, 2004|06:48 pm]
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The past few days the Muslims in our neighborhood have been lighting up firecrackers after sundown in celebration.  Of course, our dog hates it.  She bangs on the door when it’s about to rain, begging to be let in.  Last night, the firecrackers went on for a long time.  She was banging on the door for over an hour, and she just didn’t want to quit.  This morning, we went out and noticed that she wasn’t by the front door to greet us.  We examined the little side gate, and noticed that there was a little tuft of hair there – she had run out in the middle of the night.  Now the neighborhood’s mostly a Muslim community.  The only people who own dogs are the Chinese families here, and there aren’t that many altogether.

So where did the dog go?  My parents took a walk around the entire neighborhood searching for her, but they found nothing.  My mom drove my dad over to the PutraLine station so he could get to work, and Sweetie was waiting outside the gate when she got back from home.  She was fed breakfast, and acted like absolutely nothing had happened.  We seriously pamper her too much.  I don’t know what we’re going to do about her.  We don’t want to chain her up because we’re afraid this will make her develop a fear of humans and she will bark at everything she sees.

Now she’s outside again.  She simply disappeared.  We let her inside the house for practically the entire afternoon, and she still isn’t satisfied.  Crap.  I’ve been busy for most of the time, and I was just watching Team America: World Police earlier.  It’s pretty funny, but it’s bad quality.  I’ll finish it up and probably get rid of it or burn it onto a CD.

I have a Music Theory World Music presentation tomorrow, and I need to finish it up.  Work work work.