XBox Troubles

XBox Troubles [Oct. 26th, 2004|04:43 pm]
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My brother just got his freshly modified XBox home last night.  I had already downloaded a lot of nice utilities including emulators for it, and I set about immediately to install the latest version of EvoX on it.  I haven’t had any experience with XBox modding in the past, so I guess screwing up once can’t hurt me too badly.  I wasn’t able to get the XBox to boot into the EvoX dashboard last night, so I decided to go for another shot at it today.

I got back home from school, went upstairs, and got ready to get things working on the XBox.  After examining the evox.ini file and finding nothing wrong, I decided to try and flash the modchip.  I don’t know what brand the chip is, and it doesn’t get detected properly through Slayer’s EvoX Auto-Installer’s utilities.  I flashed it with the M8_16 BIOS and everything looked like it was working.  The XBox turned itself off like it said it would.  I tried to turn it on again, but I got nothing except for flashing LEDs.

It’s repeatedly flashing orange and red.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with a bad flash that the chip didn’t support.  Crap.