Wow. [Nov. 30th, 2004|10:56 pm]
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An update.  It’s about time, isn’t it?  Even if nobody else in the whole damn world is reading this, at least I should keep this updated so that I can actually see what’s been happening with my life.  Is there a noticeable downward trend?  Am I going upwards towards a state of nirvana?

Today, while working franctically on an ILA project, I was sneakily invited into a chat.  And then I realized how much I miss Beijing.  Even though the air quality sucks, even though the Principal hated me, even though it never rained – I miss the people.  At least some of them.  It’s been a while already.  In fact, school has already almost hit the second semester.  I can confidently report that my eyesight has been steadily deteriorating and at this point, I won’t be able to see anything within a few years time.  I pray for laser eye surgery.

Today, I received my Algebra 2A quiz.  I got 7.75/8.0.  Of course, this brings down my grade.  Since it was already at a 98.0%, missing any questions counts against me.  Yes, it’s going to be tough to keep mmy grades up.  However, on the bright side, I was able to bag two 100% grades for homework and participation.  Woohoo!  An A+ is what I am aiming for the first semester, and I intend to make it.

I’ve been slipping a little on homework lately, and I need to work harder.  I need to sleep more, and this isn’t helping me.  I’m also trying to use up a large supply of deodorant.  I’m currently on this little fellow here:

Axe Phoenix

After this one’s down, I think there’s only 3 more cans to go.  Then I buy more over the summer while I’m in New Jersey.  Turning 16 soon, and I’m happy.  I can apply for a Learner’s Permit and start hitting the road – with an adult with me at all times.  I want to get contacts in the States over the summer.  And clothes.  The school uniform policy in Malaysia is bad.  I personally don’t like it.  And the Board of Administrators doesn’t like changes to its little set of rules.

To people in Beijing: <3

Post your comments.  Post your own Blogs.  Post updates.

Shoutouts some other night.  It’s too damn late now.


Happy New Year in 31 days!  Only 9 more school days until Exam Week!

我爱娃吃北京烤鸭。 哇哈哈。。。


SHE BANGS! [Nov. 22nd, 2004|08:30 pm]
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Talk to me, tell me your name
You blow me off like it’s all the same
You lit a fuse, and now I’m ticking away
Like a bomb… yeah baby

Talk to me, tell me your sign
You’re switchin’ sides like a Gemini
You’re playing games
And now you’re hittin’ my heart
Like a drum… yeah baby

Well if Lady Luck
Gets on my side
We’re gonna rock this town alive
I’ll let her rough me up
‘Til she knocks me out
‘Cause she walks like she talks
And she talks like she walks

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy ’cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

She bangs, she bangs
I’m wasted by the way she moves
No one ever looked so fine
She reminds me
That a woman’s got one thing on her mind

Talk to me, tell me the news
You’ll wear me out like a pair of shoes
We’ll dance all night until the band goes home
Then you’re gone… yeah baby

Well, if it looks like love
Should be a crime
They better lock me up for live
I’ll do the time
With a smile on my face
Thinkin’ of her in her
Leather and lace

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy ’cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

Man, if Lady Luck
Gets on my side
We’re gonna rock this town alive
I’ll let her rough me up
‘Till she knocks me out
‘Cause she walks like she talks
And she talks like she walks

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy ’cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history



Now that we’ve gotten that over, let’s see what’s been happening in Alex’s world.

Over the weekend, I was able to finish up my Webpage Authoring Flash Portal redo from the first school quarter.  I’m using SWiSH v2.01 to make the site since I want to get it done quickly, and I can’t be bothered to learn Flash.  I have Macromedia Flash MX2004 Professional just sitting, installed, on my harddrive.  I’ve toyed around with it, but I really haven’t been able to use it very well.  I’ll keep experimenting with it and see what I can cook up.

Well, I’ve currently got a B/B+ for my first quarter Webpage Authoring grade.  I think this automatically tosses me into the Honor Roll here, which is always good.  I think I’ll end up staying here.  As long as I can do well at this school, I can make up for the so-so record that I left behind at ISB.

The Share Forum
Join The Share Forum for MP3s, videos, games, and much more!

I’m thinking about building a new computer.  Yes, I’ve been thinking about it since I was in Beijing.  Yes, it’s been a while and I don’t have any progress to show.  However, I am sure that I can get something done providing that I can maintain my grades.  As long as I can keep my parents happy, I can get what I want.  I’m looking for something with the following processor:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939 512KB L2 Cache 64-bit Processor – OEM $260.00 Newegg

I’m planning to put everything into this case:

Shuttle XPC Black Barebone System Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 CPU, Model SN95G5, nVIDIA nForce 3 – $319 Newegg

Looks good, but I’ll have to do some serious thinking before I start to come up with any real plans.  I’m going to start organizing data into an Excel document and see how things go with price and other vital data.  The only problem I have with these Shuttle cases is that they don’t have support for PCI-eyet.  However, I’m sure that they’ll have a PCI-e compatible motherboard for AMD 64 Shuttle PCs soon.  I’ll make sure to keep an eye out on the market.

I purchased Need for Speed Underground 2 for the XBox over the weekend.  I must say, it completely blows away the first game.  I just have a stock Mazda Miata MX-5 right now, but it’s fun just to cruise the streets of the virtual city.  Got back the XBox v1.6, and it plays pirated games now.  I think they mistakenly stuck a modchip into it when we told them to get rid of it.  Oh well.  Either way, this is great.  I told the guys at Ampang Park to get 2 copies of Halo 2 and an additional copy of Halo: Combat Evolved.  I’m surprised that they ran out of most of their games.

Westwood Online is back online!  I got accused of cheating first thing while playing Renegade on the server.  Kind of sucks.  The moron wouldn’t listen to me, so a frequent player in the server backed me up by saying that I didn’t cheat.  Of course, a semi-heated flame war started.

Telekom Malaysia hasn’t upgraded our Streamyx bandwidth yet!  When are they going to fulfill their promise to their customers?  The internet prices here for 1mbps lines are plainly stupid, and the connectino speeds aren’t that great.  I was looking through Counter-Strike screenshots that I took while playing in servers in Beijing.  What type of ping did I get on local servers?  About 12 ms.  So fast I might as well have been playing on a LAN.  Over here?  Anywhere from 50-150 ping.  Just stupid.

Lele,外公,and 外婆 should be coming soon.  I haven’t heard anything from 小阿姨, so I’m unsure whether or not they got plane tickets yet.  I’m hoping they did.

88 ~

Update ~

Update ~ [Nov. 18th, 2004|07:48 pm]
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I’m looking into boarding schools all over again.  My dad and my sister just came back recently from the States.  My dad brought my sister to take a look at several boarding schools for interviews and to allow her to know which one she’d want to attend.  When they came back from America, they brought 5 pounds of gummy bears, two bags of Hershey’s chocolates, and lots of other goodies.  I’ll apply to maybe four boarding schools, and see how things work out.  I plan to take the SAT for my admission test.  Good luck to me =)

1337 Released Games
Halo 2 – Released November 9th, 2004 in North America
Need for Speed Underground 2 – Released November 15th, 2004 in North America
Half-Life 2 – Released November 16th, 2004 Worldwide

It seems that the guys at VALVe, such as the uber sexy Gabe Newell (pictured below) made a bad decision for the HL2 release date.

Uber sexy Gabe Newell

Halo 2 completely blew it away according to reviews.  Half-Life 2, while being one of the most expected games for the past few years, just couldn’t stand up to Halo 2.  Halo 2 was released three years following the release of Halo, and the release was phenomenal.  Microsoft pocketed a good deal more money than they originally expected, earning an estimated $125 million USD on the release date.  Wow.

A while back at E3, Bungie released a teaser for Halo 2.

Hopefully Half-Life 2 will be great.  I’m going to purchase a copy when I go to Shanghai, but I’m currently working on obtaining the single-player version for fun.

Half-Life 2 on a 61-inch HDTV:


Half-Life 2 Benchmarks on [H]ard | OCP
Half-Life 2 Benchmarks on TheTechLounge

It also turns out that ASUSTeK and nVidia have started releasing the new SLI motherboards.  With support for dual nVidia 6-series cards, this is going to be one hefty upgrade for maximum performance.

nVidia’s News covering the ASUS A8N-SLI

Need for Speed Underground 2 is supposedly an excellent game.  I still haven’t finished Need for Speed Underground on my XBox, and I don’t really intend to complete it.  The game’s AI is simply impossible to beat.  Need for Speed Underground 2‘s official site.

I’ll make sure to pick up both games over the weekend, if possible.  I’m also looking into exploits for the XBox v1.6.  It’s a crazy world.

Doing well in school, and hope to do better.  I really want to get into a boarding school and get back to the States.


Break! [Nov. 11th, 2004|01:35 pm]
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Well, it’s time for the Hari Raya break.  I’m off from Thursday until Tuesday, making it a 6 day weekend.  =D

I got the internet problem fixed up.  It turned out that it was a problem with the LAN card, and we went out and purchased a new D-Link card.  It’s working like a charm all over again, making me happy.  Streamyx will be upgrading everyone’s internet up to 1Mbps lines starting November 1st, 2004.  I guess it’ll take a while before I notice any difference in speed, but a 2X speed boost will really be worth it.  I’m just hoping it’ll come soon.

It took two days for the Streamyx technicians to find the root of my internet problems.  The first day, they took in the old modem and replaced it with a new one.  That didn’t do anything to help the problem, although it fixed up a problem with the modem not being able to detect that it was plugged into an active LAN.  The second day, they tinkered around with the settings on my computer to no avail.  I was feeling horribly sick, my throat was sore, and they were taking too long and getting nowhere.  Eventually, they figured out that the problem was within the network card.  They were offering to install a new network card for RM70.  The D-Link I purchased today cost only RM29.  Plus, they tried to scam us by requesting that we pay a RM30 service charge for their “transporation fees and checking of the problem”.  It’s their damn service, and they should be the ones fixing it if something goes wrong.  We promptly refused and turned them out.

Yesterday, there was a “Cyber Tournament” at school.  What an absolute waste of time.  People here call going to the netbar “cybering”, which I connect automatically with cybersex.  What the hell?  The tournament was to consist of Counter-Strike (little did we know what version they would be using…), StarCraft, and Quake III Arena.  I signed up for the Counter-Strike tournament, brought my Logitech MX500, mousepad, and Logitech Stereo Headset to school, and I was horribly unsatisfied.

Upon loading up the game through Half-Life, I was presented with a screen that I had never seen before.  It showed a pixelated Arctic Avenger holding a pistol next to a hostage in an orange jumpsuit’s head.  If I remember correctly, everything from 1.0 onwards uses a splash screen showing two CTs.  Why was this one so different?  I noted that it was actually BETA 7.1.  I was surprised that you could even get your hands on that version anymore, let alone play it.  It turns out that the AWP has crosshairs when not scoped in which allows it to fire with shotgun accuracy, the USP holds a maximum of 48 extra rounds, the P90 is the god gun, and the models are absolute crap.

They almost look this good.

Lots more to write about, now I want lunch.  I’m still sick.