Break! [Nov. 11th, 2004|01:35 pm]
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Well, it’s time for the Hari Raya break.  I’m off from Thursday until Tuesday, making it a 6 day weekend.  =D

I got the internet problem fixed up.  It turned out that it was a problem with the LAN card, and we went out and purchased a new D-Link card.  It’s working like a charm all over again, making me happy.  Streamyx will be upgrading everyone’s internet up to 1Mbps lines starting November 1st, 2004.  I guess it’ll take a while before I notice any difference in speed, but a 2X speed boost will really be worth it.  I’m just hoping it’ll come soon.

It took two days for the Streamyx technicians to find the root of my internet problems.  The first day, they took in the old modem and replaced it with a new one.  That didn’t do anything to help the problem, although it fixed up a problem with the modem not being able to detect that it was plugged into an active LAN.  The second day, they tinkered around with the settings on my computer to no avail.  I was feeling horribly sick, my throat was sore, and they were taking too long and getting nowhere.  Eventually, they figured out that the problem was within the network card.  They were offering to install a new network card for RM70.  The D-Link I purchased today cost only RM29.  Plus, they tried to scam us by requesting that we pay a RM30 service charge for their “transporation fees and checking of the problem”.  It’s their damn service, and they should be the ones fixing it if something goes wrong.  We promptly refused and turned them out.

Yesterday, there was a “Cyber Tournament” at school.  What an absolute waste of time.  People here call going to the netbar “cybering”, which I connect automatically with cybersex.  What the hell?  The tournament was to consist of Counter-Strike (little did we know what version they would be using…), StarCraft, and Quake III Arena.  I signed up for the Counter-Strike tournament, brought my Logitech MX500, mousepad, and Logitech Stereo Headset to school, and I was horribly unsatisfied.

Upon loading up the game through Half-Life, I was presented with a screen that I had never seen before.  It showed a pixelated Arctic Avenger holding a pistol next to a hostage in an orange jumpsuit’s head.  If I remember correctly, everything from 1.0 onwards uses a splash screen showing two CTs.  Why was this one so different?  I noted that it was actually BETA 7.1.  I was surprised that you could even get your hands on that version anymore, let alone play it.  It turns out that the AWP has crosshairs when not scoped in which allows it to fire with shotgun accuracy, the USP holds a maximum of 48 extra rounds, the P90 is the god gun, and the models are absolute crap.

They almost look this good.

Lots more to write about, now I want lunch.  I’m still sick.