HAPPY NEW YEAR! [Dec. 31st, 2004|09:43 pm]
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It’s simply that time of the year again. Get your drinks out of the fridge and go eat food. Talk with the family. Have fun.

I’ve just discovered that I can barely drink at all anymore. It’s kind of funny. While I was living in Beijing, I could drink anything I wanted to. I had alcohol tolerance similar to that of a bull. At least that’s what I liked to think. Now, after taking down a single can of Carlsberg and a single Heineken, I was already feeling woozy. The feeling spread in gradually after the first beer, but it built up a bit more. I drank some water and now the feeling is gone again.

What’s happened this year?

– I boosted my GPA from last year by about 0.6
– I moved to a new location in Asia
– I lost practically all interest in Counter-Strike due to immense lag issues in Malaysia
– I upgraded my computer a bit more (Graphics card + harddrive)
– I got a new wallet 😀
– I got a new camera
– I got a new set of headphones
– I got an XBox

Ah well. I can’t think at all. I have to get to work again sometime soon. It’s just too much homework that I have to catch up on. I’m so stupid for procrastinating so long and wasting so much time. Dammit. Along with that, my computer is bogged down by video capturing and editting.