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XBox 8) [Dec. 24th, 2004|11:29 pm]
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It’s Christmas Eve for one thing.  Went to Carrefour today and got yummy food, along with 2 cases of beer.  It seems that everyone is buying beer today.

I’m pretty happy with my report card for this semester.  It’s really about time that I’ve gotten good news from school.  I end the first semester of this year with a GPA of 3.90.  It’s a drastic improvement over the crappy grades that I got last year, and I hope to have the average GPA for this year to be as close to a 4.00 as possible.  Then rewards will start coming in =P

I spent the bulk of my time today working on getting the two XBoxes at home working again.  Today, I backed up the v1.4 to get ready for a swap to a larger harddrive.  I’ll be able to perform the swap in due time, but I’m happy with what I’ve been able to achieve so far.  After backing up game saves and other important data, I proceeded to format the harddrive and to reinstall EvoX +3935 using Slayer’s EvoX Auto-Installer v2.6.  I’ve tried to use the installer several times in the past without success, and I thought that I’d be able to pull it off this time.  No such luck.

After two hours of troubleshooting, I eventually swapped the evoxdash.xbe with a fresh one from xbins.  It got everything working all over again 😀 I reimported my skins and UDATA over to the harddrive and now it’s sitting in the living room, ready to be used again.  The same story applies to the v1.6 XBox upstairs.  I figured out why the XBox wasn’t booting to the Microsoft dashboard – it turned out to be nothing but an unlocked harddrive.  After locking it again and FTPing the correct evoxdash.xbe file to the XBox, everything worked.  The funny thing is that we got a refund for the modchip that was installed into the v1.6.  It’s still in there, working away.  Their loss, I guess..

I’d celebrate, but I don’t know what to do right now.