上海! [Mar. 15th, 2005|08:31 pm]
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现在没什么时间要等了!才有十六天,呢我要飞去上海了。我想买好多东西^^iPod 20GB,衣服,HL2。。Also 会去看老朋友。喝酒?XD

Yeah, it’s going to kick ass. I can’t wait.

Alice will be attending boarding school as she has already been accepted for admission. Unfortunately she was not able to make it into a G7 school. Those damn elites. Lately, I’ve been attempting to write short little things using my right hand. Perhaps I’ll become ambidextrous over time. My life here is gradually become more and more bareable, almost to the point that I enjoy the place.

The F1 is coming to Malaysia from March 18th to March 20th. Of course, I didn’t purchase tickets to the event. I’ll miss out on it, but it’s no biggy.

I don’t find the motivation or the energy to go out and attend track and field practice. It’s just such a royal pain in the ass to run around in the blazing hot sun every single day. Furthermore, I feel tired these days and the climate here is not helping me.

I went out to see a crappy movie over the weekend. 5 Children and It. I’m damn well sure that the movie was geared towards 6 year olds or something. It was one thing to be watching a crappy movie, it was a completely other situation to be watching a crappy movie that was too short and that I didn’t want to watch.

The Xbox v1.4 is in Ampang Park for repairs because of some video problems. I’ll also have to drag the Xbox v1.6 into Ampang Park some other time. Something is deathly wrong with the Xbox and I don’t think I can fix it at home. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a messed up PSU. If that’s the case, the problem can be resolved by a simple change of fuses. Much cheaper than paying for a brand new PSU that, in the case of the Xbox v1.4, doesn’t even work very well.

I’ve been downloading new music, and I’ve gotten two new albums with techno. Dancemania volume 5 [trance session] and Techno Party 2005 Countdown are both pretty good. Currently listening to the latter, and I’m loving it.

Going to go encode some more movies into XviD. By the way, this is what I’m listening to. =D

Been catching up with my AP US History homework, which I’m drowning in right now. I have to finish rewriting a commentary for ILA, taking an Algebra test tomorrow, etc. etc. I’m still on top of things, except I’m getting lazy from time to time. Sorting out the IB course selection.