Stuff. [Mar. 29th, 2005|07:34 pm]
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Oh God. I need to pack up everything for 上海. Burned Adobe Photoshop CS v8 so I can PS things while I’m there.. There’s a lot of schoolwork lately and I’m going to end up drowning in it unless I catch up immediately. Grades are still up, although my performance is gradually going down. I think AP US History is taking up too much of my time – funny thing is that I haven’t done any work for AP US for a week or two.

Work to get done over Spring Break: How ironic..I thought it was a break

    • Algebra 2A book work (Chp 10.4,10.5)
    • AP US History Packets + FQ Chapter 36-40
    • AP US History Packets Chapter 40-42
    • French – Le Petit Prince Chapter 23+24 + Questions

Yeah, it really isn’t that bad. I should quit thinking about it. Everything’s going to be fine once I get the hell out of here for a while.

Did a little work today on some groovy little site buttons 🙂 I like them.

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Groovy. They’re so clickable and happy. Smooth. <3 Photoshop

Yeah. Personally speaking, I still want to return to Beijing. I don’t think that little bit within me will ever change. Malaysia is foreign to me. The Chinese people here aren’t even the same as Beijing. Dammit. Wayne brought his yearbook to school today and I was just overflown with nostalgia.

I’m still alright living here though. Haven’t been doing much of anything except for homework. I have an ILA presentation to complete for tomorrow’s class, and my Spring Break is going to be rather busy.

Been on Newgrounds a bit..I’ll hit level 12 tomorrow. Woohoo.

Got to do a little make up work for Graphic Design. Made a few errors in the construction of my box project.

To a special someone – what do you plan to do about all of this? Just hang on. I’ll find a way to make it all work, okay?