i love…

long breaks, talking on the phone, sleeping, and being happy. Nothing beats being happy.

I’m going to exploit this week-long repose from school as well as I possibly can. That means I’ve got to do some actual work so I can rest without any worries on my mind. What’s there to get done?

French 4: 500 words on francophone country of my choice, using the things that we have learned and reviewed this year
Math Analysis: Just a few homework problems remaining
Biology: Some diagram regarding cell membranes, review for test
Physics: Multiple choice problems
English: Rewrite my essay, including support this time

Bah. I can handle it.

I have front page access at PSP Junkies.com now. Hopefully I can help breath some new life into that site. Because the site’s hosts are in Malaysia, I can also get some nifty goods from them when they’re finished reviewing. Thumbs Up

I like this new color scheme for my blog. I’ve revised the logo to reflect the new colors, added on a few little changes. I really have to fix up the MSN Emoticons. They still have white pixels instead of transparent ones. It’s going to take a while to do and I don’t really feel like doing it right this second. Perhaps when I feel that I’ve finished enough homework to justify burning more time.

Went to KLCC today with my brother and my mom. I got my glasses bent back into shape after they were warped on Friday. Also asked about how much contact lenses would be. There’s no fitting charge here. Once you buy them, you’ve got to work with them. Because I’m astigmatic, the lenses will have to be ordered in specially. It’ll cost RM300 for 6 months worth of single-use contacts. I’ll get them done some time after my dad comes back from 舟山 (Zhou Shan).

I watched Corpse Bride with my brother. I think it was alright. Not bad, but it was rather short. Characterization is good stuff.

I’m going to clean out my T630. It’s getting dusty underneath the screen again. Perhaps I’ll redo the quick glue job that I used to secure the clear plastic in place with the front cover.

Will also take apart my computer. I’ll try and fix up the airflow inside the case, make sure to organize the cables better, and see what else I can do.

7:43PM Edit:

Cleaned everything out, took pictures, used a #2 pencil to connect the little thingees. Not sure if it worked, but whatever. I don’t need SLi right now anyways. Now I’ve got OCEANBLUe hooked up to my Sharp AQUOS 37″ LCD TV, Philips 5.1 speaker system, connected to the internet through WiFi G. Good stuff. Gaming?

October 31st, 12:00PM Edit:

Guess my nForce 4 Ultra to nForce 4 SLi mod didn’t quite work. I’ll do it again some other time. I don’t think I connected the little… things properly. I know for certain that the DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D can be modded easily to SLi specs. The BIOS, POST still detects my chipset as being an nForce 4 Ultra.

I’ll modify it again when I can actually think about going for a SLi setup. I took quite a few pictures of yesterday’s work. The case is still cramped and a mess on the inside, and there’s little I can do about it. I think the PSU cables are too long. I’d be happier with the case if I could get some way to work the cables around the back, letting them poke up out of cutouts when appropriate.

I’m just happy that I didn’t destroy anything while towelling off all the insides of my computer yesterday.

Upgrades for the future:

  • 2GB (2*1GB) OCZ DDR400 with tighter timings than 2.5-3-3-6
  • 2*7800GTX SLi
  • Cable sleeving for my PSU

Today I cleaned out my Sony Ericsson T630. It was getting dusty, took pictures of the process as well. What fun. Plumbers came to fix up the toilet. And that’s all. I want some food.

Check out my OCEANBLUe Gallery.


Ah. And I explained the purpose of masturbation in a phone conversation. That sure was interesting.

9:23PM Edit:

Computer temperatures:

Motherboard 39°C (102°F)
CPU 33°C-34°C (91-93°F)
North Bridge 46°C (115°F)
GPU 42°C (108°F)
GPU Ambient 37°C (99°F)
Seagate ST3200822AS SATA 30°C (86°F)

All idle temps of course, but at least it gives an indication of how cooling is working right now. Ambient air is about 25°C.

Time to finish up my RAID.

I’m feeling: Happy
Listening to: Puddle of Mudd – Already Gone