I just got back from the Mini MUN conference at ISKL. I arrived there a little late, before 4PM. It turns out that Mr. Bisset wanted us to arrive at around 3PM so we could have time to get organized and brush up a bit. Whoops~ I must have forgotten all about that. I’ll have to go tomorrow morning at 9:15AM to finalize a resolution with some other delegates.

My first MUN conference thus far, and I enjoyed it. It’ll continue on until tomorrow, when we’ll debate the resolutions that have been submitted. I’m going to work on a speech tonight to support a resolution regarding the Political committee. I’ve got to make THIMUN!

I thought I wore “smart” enough clothing today. I borrowed from my dad because I didn’t buy anything the least bit formal while I was in the States. I’m going to have to buy some of my own clothing for THIMUN, provided that I make it. I’ll buy here I think..I’ll need to get some slacks, a jacket, dress shirt, and dress shoes. The chair told me that it was a good idea to get a tie and a jacket for tomorrow. Will do.

Finished downloading Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It’s the Hoodlum release, a massive file. Took about 36 hours to download 😡

Dinner, I’ll be back to finish this up.

8:18PM Edit:

Working on resolutions right now so I can do well. I should have done more research on my topics earlier, but I guess I can still work on it for a while.

I started working on my the IB Portfolio practice that we were given for Math Analysis. I got through a few steps and now I’m utterly lost. I really have to get this done as it’s due on Tuesday, and I barely even touched it. Damn damn damn. If it was a little less confusing. I’ll work with someone on the parts that I don’t understand ASAP.

Let’s see. I haven’t done anything constructive lately. I am, however, reading Freakonomics. It’s an interesting read and I enjoy it. Mmmmmmm.  Freakonomics.

Reinstalled UT2K3 on both computers, can play LAN games and it’s good fun. Nothing else to say right now, and I’ve got work to attend to. And a movie to watch with the family. My TV kicks ass.


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