PSAT, Mini MUN, XC, Life.

Hey hey, it’s 1:16AM right now and I’m staying up late on a Wednesday night. I’m happy that we don’t have school tomorrow. I haven’t even bothered showering yet. I think I’ll take a swim tomorrow morning to get cleaned off.

Biggest thing today: The PSAT. I studied up for it a bit – I worked through 2 practice tests prior to today. I was surprised at how easy the test today was. I was expecting some more tricks and challenges from the College Board. Kind of let me down there. I’m expecting to have a nice large number when I get my report back from grading. Yay. I want scholarship money. That’s the advantage of being a U.S. Citizen when working with these standardized tests. I even managed to fill in my social security number correctly..haha..

I’m still chatting right now. Aeden’s trying to get the latest news on Apple’s new goods. Engadget is getting completely swarmed by avid techies. I’m not even going to bother. I’m chatting to some other guy that I don’t know at all. Bah.  Swipy is online – he’s a happy Swedish guy. Yay for Swipy.

Mini MUN – It’s coming up on Friday and Saturday. I want to do well..I really want to make THIMUN. I have to make it. It’s something that I’ve been shooting for this year and I need to take more part in the school’s activities. I need to be superman. Or at least give off that image. Haha.

XC, another team dinner. I couldn’t make the first one. That was the night that I tried out those two cocktails. I decided that I’d go along for this one. We walked down to Pizza Uno at Ampang Point. Had fun talking with other guys on the team. Matt D., John F., Tom B., Aguri, Akira, Masahiro, Imran, Tadashi, William all went. IASAS runners are going off to the International School of Bangkok tomorrow at 12. Good luck~~ Had some fun tonight. Now I’m hungry again 😀

I got an SNES emulator for my PSP, downloaded Final Fantasy V, and put Chrono TriggerFinal Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy V on the PSP. Yay. Now I can play on the fly.

Life’s looking up.

October 13th Edit:

I woke up at 9AM. It was very dark outside, completely overcast and it began raining as well. Thankfully the sky cleared up afterwards. My parents went to the parent-teacher conferences for me and my brother. Results are not very good.

I’ve got a GPA that’s just hovering around 3.5. Not doing particulary well in any subjects, I’m just slacking off. I really have to start working again. Last year I was able to do well up until the very end, when I completely gave up on APUS homework. I can’t get left behind this year.

Work work work. And Mini MUN. Ahhhh!!~~

I’m feeling: Happy
Listening to: Foo Fighters – End Over End

New shtuff.

New Albums:

  • Coheed and Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth Volume 3 (2003)
  • Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)
  • The All-American Rejects – Move Along (2005)
  • The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)

I also downloaded something by The Pretenders. It turned out to be from 1990 and it just scares me. I think I’ll keep it just because I don’t know what else to do with scary music. I’ll listen to all of this stuff eventually and see what I think about it.

Getting the following albums right now:

  • Coheed and Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One from Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
  • Jet – Get Born [Two-Disc Import] (2005)
  • Modest Mouse – Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004)

Today I worked through an entire PSAT practice test. I got a 225 this time, a lot better than what I was getting earlier. I have to work a little more carefully on the Writing Section and I need to make sure that I get a perfect score on the Math Section on the real test day. I’m ready for this.

I started playing Battlefield 2. Ever since buying the game, I haven’t touched it at all. Justin’s played it for over 30 hours already. We’ve hit the Sergeant rank, 3 unlocks. I suck at the game and just manage to get myself killed in all sorts of humiliating ways. I do admit it’s more fun than Counter-Strike: Source because of how varied gameplay is. I think I’ve killed myself 5 times from jumping off of the Kubra Dam and forgetting to open up my parachute in time. Whoops.

Got a call from Mediaplex today. The Sennheiser HD212 Pro headphones that I ordered will take a while to get here. It’s alright, it’s not something that I need to have immediately. I’m going to concentrate more on schoolwork.

Mini-MUN at ISKL is coming up as well. It’ll run from Friday, October 14th to Saturday, October 15th. I’m going to have to get over that shaky legged feeling that I always get when I step up to talk. I’ll just talk slowly. That usually works.

The one thing that I can’t stand about MUN is the use of the third person point of view at all times. “The delegate of PNG believes that…”, “The delegate merely stated that…”, “The delegate would like to ask the delegate of x…”. Christ. Can’t we just say I? No, because we have to keep discussion diplomatic and keep high register throughout our speeches. I vote for medieval weapons to be used at all times in the General Assembly. That should spice things up. With lances and blackjacks, you never know who’s going to die next when they say something wrong.

Played Frantix on my PSP. A little repetitive but it’s fun to solve those crazy puzzles. I’ll write up a PSP review or two when I have the time to do it. Or when I feel like it.

Keep The Share Forum alive, children.

yetieater out. Haha.

Listening to: Switchfoot – Happy is a Yuppie Word

XC and work.

Albums for me to listen through:
Audioslave – Out of Exile
Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day
Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists
Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
Nickelback – All the Right Reasons
Puddle of Mudd – Life on Display
Switchfoot – Nothing is Sound

I’m working on a practice Internal Assessment for Principles of Economics. I’ve also got Math Analysis classwork and homework, along with some Physics homework.

I went to Cross Country practice today. We went to the track and went through interval training. It’s getting crazy. The heat has me down all the time. I get to the point that I can’t sweat anymore half of the time that I attend practice, and today I felt like passing out on several occasions. I didn’t even run through it all 🙂

  • 1 * 400m WARMUP
  • 1 * 1200m (Completed in ~4 min 30 sec)
  • 2 * 800m (Only did one)
  • 3 * 400m (Only did two)
  • 4 * 200m

I ran 4KM out of 5.2KM total and felt completely exhausted at the end.  IASAS runners have already been chosen, and I hope they’ll kick ass this year. I want the team sweater. I wonder when it’s coming in. We sent out an order for some white hoodies. Since Siemens is going to sponser us, we don’t have to pay for the hoodies. Yay 🙂

Got to work on MUN as well. If I don’t make THIMUN, I’m popping skulls.

Alix is still mad at me. Don’t know what in hell I did. I should think that she’s still upset – just yesterday she spazzed out when I talked to her so I’m not going to even bother taking chances today. I don’t know what I did wrong here. I didn’t say anything about her but she seems determined to remain angry at me. What on earth happened?

I called Mediaplex just to check on the Sennheiser HD212 Pro shipment. Don’t know when it’ll be coming in, but they’ll call me when it finally does arrive. I’m going to swap out my backpack for an old Jansport one. This Eastpak bag has been through hell and back again, as the broken zipper will proudly proclaim.

I love this song.


Feel good,sh-shake it, shake it(X8)

City’s breaking down on a camel’s back,
They just have to go ’cause they don’t know wack,
So all you fill the streets it’s appealing to see,
You wont get undercounted, ‘cos damn ass free,
You’ve got a new horizon its ephemeral style,
A melancholy town where we never smile,
And all I wanna hear is the message beep,
My dreams, they’ve got to kissin, because I dont get sleep, no..

[Chorus]Windmill, Windmill for the land,
Turn forever hand in hand,
Take it all in on your stride,
It is ticking, falling down,
Love forever love is free,
Let’s turn forever you and me,
Windmill, windmill for the land,
Is everybody in?

Laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats,
Lining them up-a like ass cracks,
Lay these ponies at the track,
Its my chocolate attack,
Shoot, I’m stepping in hotter this year,
Care bear reppin’ it’s harder this year,
Watch me as I gravitate
Yo, we going to go ghost town,
This motown,
With yo sound, you in the blink,
You’re in the place,
Going to bite the dust,
Cant fight with us,
With yo sound,
You kill the INC,
So dont stop, get it, get it,
Until you’re cheddar header,
And watch the way I navigate,


Don’t stop, get it, get it,
We are your captains in it,
(Feel good) Steady,
Watch me navigate,
(Feel good)X2

Sh-Shake it, shake it,
Feel good.(X4)


October 6th, 2005 Edit:

Here’s a picture I found on Kana’s Livejournal:
(can’t find this photo)
It’s meeeee.

Listening to: Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day


Just a flurry of emotions. I still care, still love her. I don’t know what to do. I’ll wait. I think she’ll think about this some more. Today didn’t go along too smoothly. Rather bumpy, all the way.

Kk. Will write something with a little more depth later.


A little more depth, alrighty.

I don’t know what in hell happened today or where things started going funny. I don’t even remember what I did that was wrong, aside from stating that someone was “Full of shit”.


And that, my friends, is in-depth for you.

Listening to: Puddle of Mudd – Away From Me