PSAT, Mini MUN, XC, Life.

Hey hey, it’s 1:16AM right now and I’m staying up late on a Wednesday night. I’m happy that we don’t have school tomorrow. I haven’t even bothered showering yet. I think I’ll take a swim tomorrow morning to get cleaned off.

Biggest thing today: The PSAT. I studied up for it a bit – I worked through 2 practice tests prior to today. I was surprised at how easy the test today was. I was expecting some more tricks and challenges from the College Board. Kind of let me down there. I’m expecting to have a nice large number when I get my report back from grading. Yay. I want scholarship money. That’s the advantage of being a U.S. Citizen when working with these standardized tests. I even managed to fill in my social security number correctly..haha..

I’m still chatting right now. Aeden’s trying to get the latest news on Apple’s new goods. Engadget is getting completely swarmed by avid techies. I’m not even going to bother. I’m chatting to some other guy that I don’t know at all. Bah.  Swipy is online – he’s a happy Swedish guy. Yay for Swipy.

Mini MUN – It’s coming up on Friday and Saturday. I want to do well..I really want to make THIMUN. I have to make it. It’s something that I’ve been shooting for this year and I need to take more part in the school’s activities. I need to be superman. Or at least give off that image. Haha.

XC, another team dinner. I couldn’t make the first one. That was the night that I tried out those two cocktails. I decided that I’d go along for this one. We walked down to Pizza Uno at Ampang Point. Had fun talking with other guys on the team. Matt D., John F., Tom B., Aguri, Akira, Masahiro, Imran, Tadashi, William all went. IASAS runners are going off to the International School of Bangkok tomorrow at 12. Good luck~~ Had some fun tonight. Now I’m hungry again 😀

I got an SNES emulator for my PSP, downloaded Final Fantasy V, and put Chrono TriggerFinal Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy V on the PSP. Yay. Now I can play on the fly.

Life’s looking up.

October 13th Edit:

I woke up at 9AM. It was very dark outside, completely overcast and it began raining as well. Thankfully the sky cleared up afterwards. My parents went to the parent-teacher conferences for me and my brother. Results are not very good.

I’ve got a GPA that’s just hovering around 3.5. Not doing particulary well in any subjects, I’m just slacking off. I really have to start working again. Last year I was able to do well up until the very end, when I completely gave up on APUS homework. I can’t get left behind this year.

Work work work. And Mini MUN. Ahhhh!!~~

I’m feeling: Happy
Listening to: Foo Fighters – End Over End