back in kl.

The THIMUN Singapore conference went along well overall. I enjoyed going there, but didn’t participate nearly as much as I should have. I didn’t make a single For / Against speech. I never once stepped up to the podium. At the very least, I did manage to ask a few Points of Information. Guess it wasn’t a complete failure. And I’ll make sure to learn from the conference. Yay yay yay. At least I attended the First Annual THIMUN Singapore. kk.

Saw some people from the International School of Beijing there. Jeff, Robert, Naiqu, Woo Chan, Wayne, uh.. Yeah, I’m sure there were more people than that. So that was nice. Went out with ISKL guys every single night, had an MUN team dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen on Orchard Road on Friday night. Went to a cyber café with Wayne, Matt, Aeden that night and played a bit of CS. The mice sucked, no sound, and too expensive for crappy computers.

I really can’t recall much of what happened right now. I don’t think I’m thinking straight yet. Should probably get some more sleep before I attempt any work. Last night was fun. I didn’t even realize my alcohol tolerance had dipped so low. That’s what I get for not having anything to drink around the house >=(

Debate in committee was interesting – DPR Korea and Cuba constantly attacked the USA. A lot of good speakers, and a lot of people who sat around and did even less than I did. Last day of the conference was debate in the General Assembly. Too many people there – I got so damn scared seeing just how many delegates there were in the auditorium. Shocking. And to think that the conference will only grow with the years to come.

Went to Cathay Cineleisure on two of the nights. Our host’s home was around 10 minutes away from Orchard Road by foot, so it was convenient enough to get around. The first night, I made sure to buy something for 李向贞. I picked up a plushie Eeyore. Jay and I played through Time Crisis II, I spent way too much money on the arcade. And stuff. Whatever, it was all fun.

Last night Matt and I bought some rather interesting magazines that you can’t find for sale in Malaysia. Matt picked up a copy of FHM – he flipped through it on the bus ride back home to KL and I assume that he was looking through it last night at his host’s home

Uh. Having gotten through the conference alive, I took it upon myself to get some alcohol and enjoy the night. Jay bought a small bottle of some alcoholic beverage or other – a bright blue drink called Venom. I bought a 6-pack of Carlsberg at Paragon’s supermarket and we hiked our way back to our host’s home. I don’t remember when we started drinking the stuff, but I guess it was around 1 AM.

After taking down just two cans of the Carlsberg, I realized two things.

Point 1) The ice at our host’s home tastes like crap.
Point 2) My tolerance to alcohol has been falling like hell.

Those two cans had already rendered me tipsy. Mind you, I was eating wholemeal bread while drinking as well. We were looking through some funny video clips while drinking down the beer. Too bad there weren’t any salty snacks. I demand salty food the next time I drink. I was laughing my ass off at nothing in particular. We have a movie showing that, I really need to get my hands on the pictures and videos that we took during our trip to Singapore.

Kept on drinking and I ended up finishing four of the beers, Jay took two. I still had some more money so at 3AM, I set out for the nearest convenience store. I was talking to myself on the street, running around looking for someone to ask for directions. I ended up going to 7-Eleven and bought another 6-pack of Carlsberg, brought it back up to the flat at 3:30AM. Haha.

Finished off another two, bringing my grand total up to six cans. Yay. Jay went to sleep, end of the evening.

I’d write more, but I don’t know what in hell happened. I fell asleep at 4:30AM, woke up at ~7:00AM. No hangover, GG.

And now I’ve lost Eeyore. Fuck. I’ll write more when I can think again.

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