in singapore.

Departed from school as scheduled, just a little after 2:45PM. I got out of French class at 2:30PM, waited for quite a while because I had scheduled something earlier. Well, didn’t go exactly as I had planned for it to. I waited and waited until about 2:40 – Matt called me twice to tell me to get my ass in gear and head for the bus with my stuff. So I did that. Went to Mr. Bisset’s room, grabbed my suitcase, and left it and my bag in place for a while. Ran back upstairs. Stupid Chinese class. So I missed that, ran down with my stuff, got onto the bus, settled down for a little while; and then ran back upstairs again. Heh. Didn’t manage to do what I was supposed to, not a proper good bye.

I’ll miss you~

Bus ride was okay. The bus was a nice, large coach. Aeden showed up! His mom drove him over, caught up with the bus, and there he was. Now there’s someone else for me to work with in my committee. I’m staying with Jay at Amber’s home – a small room but it’ll do. Managed to transfer over my themes onto my T630 through BlueTooth. What a pain in the ass – it’s impossible going through those Korean menus. It’s just a guessing game.

Back to the bus ride.. Sat with Jay and Matt, I slept for the first two hours of the trip and stayed to myself for the most part. It rained rather heavily on the way to Singapore, and the rain didn’t really let up. Just listened to my music, got comfortable. Ms. called, talked for a while. Like I said – the crap that I hear doesn’t affect me at all. What I feel is what matters, right? w00t w00t.

So, looking forward to the conference tomorrow. A little fidgety. Jay and I both don’t know how to tie our ties properly. Guess we’ll have to learn that tonight. Stupid thing is that I can’t receive phone calls on my cellphone like I was hoping for. Because I’m out of Malaysia, I have to pay money for calls that I receive. I don’t understand why in hell I should be required to pay for calls that are generally free to receive. Receiving should always be free, dammit.