Well, that certainly was fun. Too bad it didn’t last long at all. In fact, I think total time doing anything at all was less than 1 hour. Seeing that it takes me half an hour to get back from the school to my house, there really isn’t much time to fool around on school days. Dammit. And that’s why I should invite people on Fridays and the weekends. Then again, I haven’t invited anyone over to my home. None of my friends have ever visited my home. In fact, noone knows where I live. I’m happy with that.

Ah yes. So, today was fun. Let’s do it again~ And next time, stay for longer.

Um. I wanted to watch American Pie, but then I felt like falling asleep. I haven’t watched the movie for ages – I remember the last time was at Naiqu’s house during Winter Break in Beijing. And that was back in 9th grade – almost two years ago. Oh well, what the hell. There will always been another time. That night that I stayed over at Naiqu’s house we watched through Dreamcatcher, American Pie, and American Pie 2. I don’t remember getting much sleep that night.

Harrr. My grade in Honors Biology is finally looking half decent. I’ve got an A- right now, up from a B something or other earlier. I have yet to return the test corrections for the Honors Physics test that I messed up on a few weeks ago, but I’ll make sure to get everything patched up ASAP.

I’m going to start kicking ass left and right again. w00t for me.

Love your hair, 李向贞。 It’s soft and smells purty. 我爱你~

Damn. One of these days, I’m going to write out a killer post where I can pour out all of my thoughts. These last few ones have lacked substance. Hah.

Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls – Truth is a Whisper