god it’s good to be alive.

First of all, let me congratulate Andrew on his post in response to the damn Panda’s attack. Bravo. Next time load it up a bit more and attack her good. Write up a damn essay on her comment, even. That’s what I’d do.

Yesterday it started raining like crazy after I got back home from school. I’ve been skipping swim practices all week – I only attended one this week although I do intend to participate a bit more next week. I’ve got to pick up some new swimming stuff at KLCC this weekend and I’ll make sure to buy myself a decent pair of goggles. Contacts? Think I’ll go buy those as well. Harrrrrr.

Back to the rain. I hate it when it rains up here. It’s frightening, really. I’ve never been quite so afraid of lightning until I moved to Kuala Lumpur. My house is located atop a hill-mountain hybrid beast and it’s rather susceptible to being assaulted by lightning. Since moving here I believe the house has been struck, either directly or indirectly, four times. Including yesterday. Every single time lightning rapes the house, one of my electronics gives way. Luckily I made sure to turn off everything in the study this time and so nothing important was killed.

The rain was rather peaceful at first. It’s fun to watch it sweeping across the surface of the pool. Then it decided to flail down in its full fury, lightning arching across the sky at regular intervals. I managed to snap a few pictures, but I don’t intend to bother uploading them. I was playing a bit of piano at the time that the lightning struck. A little popping noise came out of nowhere, and we were left without power. Sweetie was tensed up the whole time, hiding underneath the piano bench in spite of the aural assault coming from the piano.

We turned everything on after we felt that the storm was far enough. Nothing serious because all the expensive hardware had already been unplugged. Had some trouble getting back onto the internet. For some reason or other, the router refused to acknowledge the presence of the ADSL modem. They’d try to communicate and establish a clear link but every time it looked like it was going to work, the router would just throw up its hands and give up. Queer little thing.

School day went along well, only hiccup was that I had forgotten to complete my Physics lab on the bouncing ball. Piech gave us an extension on that assignment, so I’ll sort it out soon. Math Analysis scares the hell out of me. That class is going to be the death of me, I swear. If I’d actually start working perhaps everything would make sense. Instead, I’m just blindly working through problems with no understanding of the underlying concepts in solving them.

Had a little debate with Coutts about what would happen if you hit a diamond with a sledgehammer. He’s convinced that it would either shatter or become deformed. I insisted that as the diamond is the hardest natural substance, it would be highly unlikely that it would come out with even the slightest scratch.

I’ve got to stop fidgetting and jumping around the place. Then I’ll be fine, right? Everyone’s telling me that I’m constantly twitching. Haha.. Superman doth not twitch. And I put some pictures in the Webcam section of my gallery. Be forewarned, I’m not responsible if your retinas begin burning or anything. If they do, the most I can do is apologize for the shittyness of my pictures.

The librarian called Alix and I up and told us that we’d have to talk to the assistant principal regarding “behavior”. She then added that Alix had some explaining to do involving the mysterious disappearence of her picture in the library’s copy of the Middle School yearbook. Whoops. I shouldn’t have drawn attention to that in the first place. Sorry~ Everything will be alright, don’t fret miss. I’m not in the least bit worried about whatever they have to say regarding behavior because I know that I’ve done nothing wrong. Arguing earlier, yes. But that’s over and so, a terse apology should suffice.

“1 Ringgit is too much for you! That’s 100 sen! I’ll give you 10 sen.”
“I’m the responsible one here!”

Haha Ummm.. Everything’s great. I’m happy now, woohoo. Alix was supposed to get those rubber bands in preparation for braces yesterday, but instead they just did a moulding of her teeth. I think.

I want to see the new Harry Potter movie. It’s Harry going through puberty. It’s bound to be great. What could beat watching a wizard struggle with big boy hair?

And Gawd – how many 14 year old guys haven’t had a wet dream yet? You’re late bloomers. Don’t worry, someday you’ll catch up. Heart

Buy me a Sony Ericsson K750i and I’ll love you. It’s only $400 USD. I’m going to have to start saving up again. Perhaps when I’ve totalled my SE T630 and managed to destroy my Nokia 8310 as well, I can pick up one of those things. Oooooh. A 2-Megapixel camera on the back, Tri-Band, purty in black, Memory Stick Duo support. Yeah, even though it’s 2 MP ‘only’ it beats the hell out of all other phones of its class.

Perhaps I should repay my $1000 debt to my dad first. It’s got a 3% annual interest rate on it as well. I need some cash. Full payment is due by the time I graduate from college. This is all money that needs to be repaid for purchase of OCEANBLUe’s parts.

Spring Break in Shanghai. My mom is probably not going to go, so woohoo. A plane ticket to 上海 is only RM1000. 来啊,李小姐。

Grades should be on an upward trend now. I know that my Honors Physics grade has dropped to a B+ as a result of my poor test results, but I’ll hand in the corrections and get that up again. I need to hit an A- at the very least. I’m aiming for an A average in Honors Physics this school year – it’s obviously within reach. I had no problems whatsoever getting an A in Honors Chemistry last year, and I personally feel that the level of material that we covered in Honors Chemistry blows Physics right out of the water. Once again, I’m worried about Math Analysis. I’m afraid that my grade in that class has dropped to a C+. I can’t believe my inability to do math. Last year was a walk in the park, this year will require some actual thought.

I love you 李向贞。 And your soft, weird hair that smells oh-so-pretty.

Leave me some comments so I’ll have something to think about. You know you can.

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Well, that certainly was fun. Too bad it didn’t last long at all. In fact, I think total time doing anything at all was less than 1 hour. Seeing that it takes me half an hour to get back from the school to my house, there really isn’t much time to fool around on school days. Dammit. And that’s why I should invite people on Fridays and the weekends. Then again, I haven’t invited anyone over to my home. None of my friends have ever visited my home. In fact, noone knows where I live. I’m happy with that.

Ah yes. So, today was fun. Let’s do it again~ And next time, stay for longer.

Um. I wanted to watch American Pie, but then I felt like falling asleep. I haven’t watched the movie for ages – I remember the last time was at Naiqu’s house during Winter Break in Beijing. And that was back in 9th grade – almost two years ago. Oh well, what the hell. There will always been another time. That night that I stayed over at Naiqu’s house we watched through Dreamcatcher, American Pie, and American Pie 2. I don’t remember getting much sleep that night.

Harrr. My grade in Honors Biology is finally looking half decent. I’ve got an A- right now, up from a B something or other earlier. I have yet to return the test corrections for the Honors Physics test that I messed up on a few weeks ago, but I’ll make sure to get everything patched up ASAP.

I’m going to start kicking ass left and right again. w00t for me.

Love your hair, 李向贞。 It’s soft and smells purty. 我爱你~

Damn. One of these days, I’m going to write out a killer post where I can pour out all of my thoughts. These last few ones have lacked substance. Hah.

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back in kl.

The THIMUN Singapore conference went along well overall. I enjoyed going there, but didn’t participate nearly as much as I should have. I didn’t make a single For / Against speech. I never once stepped up to the podium. At the very least, I did manage to ask a few Points of Information. Guess it wasn’t a complete failure. And I’ll make sure to learn from the conference. Yay yay yay. At least I attended the First Annual THIMUN Singapore. kk.

Saw some people from the International School of Beijing there. Jeff, Robert, Naiqu, Woo Chan, Wayne, uh.. Yeah, I’m sure there were more people than that. So that was nice. Went out with ISKL guys every single night, had an MUN team dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen on Orchard Road on Friday night. Went to a cyber café with Wayne, Matt, Aeden that night and played a bit of CS. The mice sucked, no sound, and too expensive for crappy computers.

I really can’t recall much of what happened right now. I don’t think I’m thinking straight yet. Should probably get some more sleep before I attempt any work. Last night was fun. I didn’t even realize my alcohol tolerance had dipped so low. That’s what I get for not having anything to drink around the house >=(

Debate in committee was interesting – DPR Korea and Cuba constantly attacked the USA. A lot of good speakers, and a lot of people who sat around and did even less than I did. Last day of the conference was debate in the General Assembly. Too many people there – I got so damn scared seeing just how many delegates there were in the auditorium. Shocking. And to think that the conference will only grow with the years to come.

Went to Cathay Cineleisure on two of the nights. Our host’s home was around 10 minutes away from Orchard Road by foot, so it was convenient enough to get around. The first night, I made sure to buy something for 李向贞. I picked up a plushie Eeyore. Jay and I played through Time Crisis II, I spent way too much money on the arcade. And stuff. Whatever, it was all fun.

Last night Matt and I bought some rather interesting magazines that you can’t find for sale in Malaysia. Matt picked up a copy of FHM – he flipped through it on the bus ride back home to KL and I assume that he was looking through it last night at his host’s home

Uh. Having gotten through the conference alive, I took it upon myself to get some alcohol and enjoy the night. Jay bought a small bottle of some alcoholic beverage or other – a bright blue drink called Venom. I bought a 6-pack of Carlsberg at Paragon’s supermarket and we hiked our way back to our host’s home. I don’t remember when we started drinking the stuff, but I guess it was around 1 AM.

After taking down just two cans of the Carlsberg, I realized two things.

Point 1) The ice at our host’s home tastes like crap.
Point 2) My tolerance to alcohol has been falling like hell.

Those two cans had already rendered me tipsy. Mind you, I was eating wholemeal bread while drinking as well. We were looking through some funny video clips while drinking down the beer. Too bad there weren’t any salty snacks. I demand salty food the next time I drink. I was laughing my ass off at nothing in particular. We have a movie showing that, I really need to get my hands on the pictures and videos that we took during our trip to Singapore.

Kept on drinking and I ended up finishing four of the beers, Jay took two. I still had some more money so at 3AM, I set out for the nearest convenience store. I was talking to myself on the street, running around looking for someone to ask for directions. I ended up going to 7-Eleven and bought another 6-pack of Carlsberg, brought it back up to the flat at 3:30AM. Haha.

Finished off another two, bringing my grand total up to six cans. Yay. Jay went to sleep, end of the evening.

I’d write more, but I don’t know what in hell happened. I fell asleep at 4:30AM, woke up at ~7:00AM. No hangover, GG.

And now I’ve lost Eeyore. Fuck. I’ll write more when I can think again.

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in singapore.

Departed from school as scheduled, just a little after 2:45PM. I got out of French class at 2:30PM, waited for quite a while because I had scheduled something earlier. Well, didn’t go exactly as I had planned for it to. I waited and waited until about 2:40 – Matt called me twice to tell me to get my ass in gear and head for the bus with my stuff. So I did that. Went to Mr. Bisset’s room, grabbed my suitcase, and left it and my bag in place for a while. Ran back upstairs. Stupid Chinese class. So I missed that, ran down with my stuff, got onto the bus, settled down for a little while; and then ran back upstairs again. Heh. Didn’t manage to do what I was supposed to, not a proper good bye.

I’ll miss you~

Bus ride was okay. The bus was a nice, large coach. Aeden showed up! His mom drove him over, caught up with the bus, and there he was. Now there’s someone else for me to work with in my committee. I’m staying with Jay at Amber’s home – a small room but it’ll do. Managed to transfer over my themes onto my T630 through BlueTooth. What a pain in the ass – it’s impossible going through those Korean menus. It’s just a guessing game.

Back to the bus ride.. Sat with Jay and Matt, I slept for the first two hours of the trip and stayed to myself for the most part. It rained rather heavily on the way to Singapore, and the rain didn’t really let up. Just listened to my music, got comfortable. Ms. called, talked for a while. Like I said – the crap that I hear doesn’t affect me at all. What I feel is what matters, right? w00t w00t.

So, looking forward to the conference tomorrow. A little fidgety. Jay and I both don’t know how to tie our ties properly. Guess we’ll have to learn that tonight. Stupid thing is that I can’t receive phone calls on my cellphone like I was hoping for. Because I’m out of Malaysia, I have to pay money for calls that I receive. I don’t understand why in hell I should be required to pay for calls that are generally free to receive. Receiving should always be free, dammit.