Going to THIMUN Singapore tomorrow! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Will have to meet up with the ISB guys ASAP, and I need to figure out just what I need to do while I’m in Singapore. But YAY! I’ll be getting out of class at 2:30PM, the bus will depart for Singapore at ~2:45PM. We’ll arrive around 9PM, at which point our hosts will take us home. Woohoo! I’m all packed up and ready to go.

Bought RM30 more credit for my phone. My parents are really unhappy with the amount of time that I’ve spent making and receiving calls. To them, it’s all unproductive time. Let’s see. Since purchasing my Sony Ericsson T630 from Benji, I’ve logged 25 hours, 18 minutes, and 45 seconds of calls. I’ve also managed to send 845 SMSes. Assuming that it takes one and a half minute to send a single SMS, I’m looking at 1267.5 minutes of SMS alone. Or 21 hours, 7 minutes, and 30 seconds. And that’s just on SMS. So we’re looking at a total combined usage of 46 hours, 26 minutes, and 15 seconds on the T630. Since purchasing it less than two months ago. And that’s not taking into consideration the time that I’ve spent just waiting to receive a message or looking at the screen, fumbling around with the keys, just.. unproductive time.

Yeah, my parents are going to have me dead. Yes, I realize that I have potential. Yes, I realize that I need to exercise it. Yes, I realize that my grades need to be improved and that the only way of doing so is to work harder. Yes, I realize that as a student my top priority should be getting good grades. Yes, I realize that I should consider myself fortunate to be given such an environment to live in. And yes, I realize that I should be making something out of myself.

And I am. I honestly think that the actions I take are leading to, well, something good in the future.

My dad helped me out for quite a long time; he helped me dig up some dress shirts, undershirts, taught me how to fold the shirts properly, instructed me on the proper packing of a suit into a suitcase, it’s all been good. Thanks for everything. I’ll make sure to return the clothing in decent shape.

Got back my Honors Physics test, not happy with the result. I’m definitely going to do the retake and review in advance. The equations and whatnot are easy enough, I’ll just get some sleep and I’ll be fine.

Made sure to get Michael’s AP US Chapter 18 packet. I got a 98% on it, an easy 100% for him then.

Now the world’s freaking out about riots in France, earthquake death tolls in Pakistan, and bird flu. Run, children. Run.

Had fun today. Attended a final MUN meeting, talked to OCD girl a bit, walked around, got sweaty, and then went back home. I hate the humidity here. And the fact that there are no seasons except for monsoon season and dry season. It’s not even dry during dry season. It’s just sweltering hot. Screw you, tropical weather. The only plus side to all this meteorological nonsense is that I can go swimming whenever I please. And so my skin always retains a healthy color. Mmm.

Trying to get a working BlueTooth adapter so I can sync the T630 with my computer, get a theme I like, etc. And transfer over the crappy pictures that I take.

<3 小 li.

I don’t give a damn what anyone else says. What I feel is what matters. Oh – and check about Tuesday please. See you at 2:30 tomorrow.


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