you are my everything.

To note, I’m not unhappy so don’t misinterpret this. For the love of God.

*.::~a L i x L~::.* says: so.. youll blog something out?
:: az :: [god it’s good to be alive.] says: Yes, just for you.
*.::~a L i x L~::.* says: dammit alex! just blog something out!
*.::~a L i x L~::.* says: “just for me”

So, here you go.

Remember the times that I asked you what I meant to you? The hesitation in your responses, the uncertainty involved time after time again? I was always just something. Not a nobody, but not enough for things to work at the time. It just wasn’t enough.

And all the questions about where I went wrong earlier, or what happened. Something that kept pushing us apart time after time again. The anger over nothing, the mixed feelings. Whatever it was, something had made you just stop caring earlier. I know that the first time, it was nothing. You listened to your friends, let them choose what was right for you. And I hope now that you’re stronger and that you won’t kneel down to what they say. Stand up and face them down.

And now that things are all just peachy again, ‘let’s turn forever, you and me’. I realize that I didn’t do enough for you earlier. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, I’m always happiest when I’m with you.

There’s your little post. I’ll add onto it later because my mom’s been telling me to go upstairs. Call me up and we’ll talk!

<3 wondergirl

November 22nd, 10:05PM Edit:

I can’t be bothered to make a new post. Not right now, this one was just far too short.

Well, we were supposed to talk to the school’s Assistant Principal today but it turned out that he was already engaged in some other activity when it was time for us to have our meeting. I guess that also goes to show how important the “behavior” problems in the library were in the school at large.

Went up with Alix to the library and asked the librarian what had happened to our scheduled meeting. She informed us that the Assistant Principal was busy and so, we could finish up anything that we had to talk about right then and there. Excellent. It’s a lot easier to deal with adults when they’re sitting down and they have to look up to you to talk. Haha~

She pointed out that any arguments should be carried out in a quiet manner or should be taken outside of the library in order to maintain a peaceful environment for studying and whatnot. Okay, no problem. And then she said that we were to treat her and all library staff with all due respect. Once again, not an issue because I’ve been doing that. The only thing is that they don’t seem to understand my sense of humor. God. Don’t take things so seriously. I’m just cynical like that.

Librarian finished telling us what she expected out of us, and then she stared at Alix and told her, “You’re looking at me like I’m insane. You did understand what I just said, right?”. I felt fit to burst with laughter. Keep a straight face and nod your head a lot. That always works.

Don’t try to get yourself into anymore trouble, you nut I don’t want to have to back you up with some story when a teacher figures out that you’ve been skipping class. And Friday~~ ^^ Today was good. Oh-so-thrilling.