into hiding.

I’m going to go run off for a while and avoid blogging altogether. Nothing interesting to write up and I’m going to try and play things safe. I need to sort everything out in my life and to fix up the problems that I’ve made. Let’s patch this boat up before we all drown.

Too much to worry about. Exams are coming up, the first ones at the end of this week. Got to do well on them and left myself up again. Grades have been far too low throughout the whole entire school year.

With or without you, I still can’t think worth crap. 我TMD爱你,你知道的。 就要你。

By the way, there’s an easter egg in my site banner. Use some photo editting software and check the right half of the banner. Play around with brightness and contrast again, see what you can find.

December 9th Edit:
Added in a new Gallery category called Art. If there’s anything interesting that I draw up that is worthy enough to share, I’ll upload it there. Take a look at what’s in there right now. Good stuff.

December 10th Edit:
Added another image into the Art Gallery. Hah.