merry christmas.

I feel that I should be getting to sleep soon. I’ve lost quite a bit of sleep these past few nights for my own purposes, and it’s time to catch up with some much deserved rest. It’s also time to think of something new that I can devote my time and energy to. So much to do, so little time.

I didn’t do anything special today. Spent the whole day at home. My dad’s in Hawaii right now with my grandparents and 大叔叔. He’ll be back in two days’ time and then, we’ll finally be able to do our Christmas shopping.

What did I get this year? A little bit of spending money to pocket, OSIM iSqueez for everyone to use. Of course there will be some family time – nice seeing that Alice has been away from home for a semester.

I played Life with Alice and Justin. We played through two games, Justin won both times. He’s rather serious about board games – beats me down in Monopoly. As I am always the banker, the bank gives out loans all the time when we play

My more emotionally filled blog entries have been taken down for viewing by the general public and they are limited to viewing by me only. Talk about exclusivity. Think about all the perks of being me. Unrestricted access to all of my thoughts. That’s hot content, right there. Maybe I’ll start paying money for access to my head. A penny for my thoughts, mister?

I talked to Miss from 12:30AM to 4AM, December 25th. This month’s phone bill shouldn’t be quite as bad of a hit as calls have really been on a severe on-off basis. They should be even lower next month.

I went upstairs and climbed into bed after the call. I curled up to think, and I must say – this has been the best thing that’s happened to me all year. So much has happened this year, from beginning to end. There’s a lot that I’ve gotten myself into, a lot of it I don’t even remember. Sometimes I’ll find bits and pieces inside my journal that I use for vacations, hinting about how I was feeling at the time. I’m surprised that so much has happened in the space of one year.

I think I’ve finally learned the lesson that’s been beating me upside the head for about half of this year.

And now, it’s time to find something new or perhaps to bring back something old. Something that I can devote my time and energy into and receive satisfaction out of. I have more or less abandonned reading for personal enjoyment. Maybe it’s time to start that afresh.

Miss’ present to me was something that I must say I was expecting. There are parts of it that I really value, there are others that I find disagreeable. The most important thing to me – I’ve been vindicated. No longer do I find that I’ve been at fault. Nobody was led astray, everything happened as it was supposed to. With that, my conscience has been cleared and I don’t feel as if I am indebted in any way. This mistakes that I’ve made throughout this time period, I guess they were to be expected. I have so much more that I need to learn and I’m sure to make mistakes.

Tying up all the loose ends. Whatever happens is for the best and in the end, there’s nothing to worry about. Things will take their natural course and everything will be alright. I’m not lacking in any way and I am finally satisfied with what I have. I could ask for nothing better.

I look forward to what the future holds for me. A new post will come for the new year. It’s time to turn to a new page in the chapters of my life.

To come: this year in retrospect.

Have a nice life. Cheers to everyone who’s offered me a helping hand when one was needed. Time for this confused boy to get some sleep.