phone bill.

A rather boring day. Have yet to figure out how to complete the Math Portfolio on Series and Induction, but that can be sorted out tomorrow morning. I just hope somebody has found the proper solution to the last problem. School day was uneventful. Fell asleep during my Prep, finished The Great Gatsby, and stayed to myself for a while.

Upon getting home from school had a snack. My mom walked in with the mail, the phone bill for the November billing period. She opened it, gasped, and then handed it to me while I was in the middle of eating. Total bill for all outgoing calls to cellphone numbers was RM364.40, out of which RM362.20 were mine Add onto that 5% Government Tax and the phone bill rests at a grand total of RM380.

I ran through the list, made a note of all the times, and calculated how much time I had spent talking. 104,643 seconds = 1744 minutes 3 seconds = 29 hours 4 minutes 3 seconds. Great. Talk isn’t cheap; at least not to cellphones.

RM380 translates into $105.64 USD, so I’m looking at $3.64 USD per hour of talktime. At least it’s a little cheaper than calling directly from my cellphone to another cellphone on the same operator. Too bad calling using the landline leaves traces all over the place – the bill lists the time of each call, call duration, and the number dialled. Arrrgh.

My mom’s not really happy with the bill and she’s looking forward to showing it to my dad once he gets back from a conference in Brunei. Woohoo~

Uh. Happy happy all are we.

Listening to: Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes