singapore – day two.

Justin woke me up in the middle of the night, complaining that his stomach hurt. It got worse throughout the day. All I know is that I woke up after a good twelve hours of sleep and figured out that he was having some terrible stomach pain and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

We set out rather late into the day, walking out of the hotel and down Orchard to Somerset Road’s MRT station. From there, we took the MRT down to Harbourfront in preparation to go to Sentosa Island. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we headed to Coffee Club for brunch. Ordered some sandwich or other – I can’t remember exactly what it was called now because I’m writing this after having arrived back in Kuala Lumpur.

Dad inquired as to how we should set about getting to Sentosa Island. Suggestion was to take the cable car over and so, we made our way to Harbourfront Plaza. The line was incredible. It was the first of many lines that we would see that day. We tired quickly of waiting and so, we hitched a cab and went directly to Underwater World.

It’s small. I mean, really small. Ocean Park’s Aquarium was much more impressive and a lot larger. The price of one ticket covers admission to both Underwater World and to the Dolphin Lagoon. I personally didn’t think that it was worth it. I’ve seen fish before. Bigger fish. In prettier water. A lot of people all over the place, a whole bunch of crying little kids who were bawling for their parents. Oh, have mercy on my soul.

We missed the first show at Dolphin Lagoon so we hopped the Red Line over to Fort Siloso. Bought tickets, drove up there, walked around. The highlight of my trip was seeing a peacock and its chick. I was doubling back for water when I chanced upon the birds. Pretty.

Complaints? Fort Siloso – sure, it’s got some history to it. However, there wasn’t enough to see and not enough to do. Too many automated things detracted from overall ‘presentation’ and made the whole affair seem too cheap. I do enjoy a fair bit of history, but there simply wasn’t enough to see and read up on.

Took the bus down and made our way to the Dolphin Lagoon. I tried to enjoy the show, but everyone was standing and I couldn’t see a damn thing. I’ve seen enough of dolphins. Ocean Park and Sea World had kickass dolphins. These dolphins gave it their best, applause.

My memory doesn’t serve me well. After watching the dolphins do their thing, we made our way back to the Crown Prince by taxi. It was rather hard getting a taxi – lines everywhere on Sentosa Island. Upon return to the hotel we got washed up and made plans for the evening. Set out to Cathay Cineleisure’s Pastamania for dinner. I still have a pocket-menu from there. At the time, Justin’s stomach had settled back to normal.

Walked over to Le Meridien hotel to wait for the bus to the Night Safari. I fell asleep on the ride over. The Night Safari was one of the highlights of our stay in Singapore. Interesting things to see, Singapore is comfortable to walk around in at night. Nicely done, but long lines waiting for the trams that take visitors around the park. Complaints – they ought to separate trams based on ethnic group or something. No, I’m not encouraging segregation persay, it’s simply that my experience was marred by the failure of half of the visitors to comprehend the simple instructions laid forth by the Night Safari staff. No flash photography. Shut up when we approach the animals. We hopped off of the tram at the East Lodge stop and walked one of the trails in hopes of finding a better group to travel with.

Returned back to Orchard Road by bus. Justin wasn’t feeling well so we handed him a key card and allowed him to go back to the hotel room by himself. I walked around with dad trying to find a place to grab a second quick dinner. As we were about to cross the intersection to get to Paragon shopping centre, a black Lamborghini Gallardo sped past us. Those things are beautiful. The Food Cellar was already closed down, but we walked around to find a suitable place to eat for the next day.

Ended up getting some baked curry chicken rice at Swensen’s, located right next to the Crown Prince. Then went up to sleep.

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singapore – day one.

I called her last night. I probably shouldn’t have, but I always end up doing things when I know I shouldn’t. So we’re not talking. I let drop the situation with the principal because I still care about her. A bit, at the least. I thought that it was clear that we had both made mistakes. Everyone apologized, brushed clean. And she said that she would put forth a best effort to cooperate with me.

I’m not seeing the cooperation. Apparantly, she still hates me. Oh, for the love of God. Drop the old grudges, let’s start afresh. Otherwise things will never change. And active thinking time, very little of that is needed to sort out something as trivial as this. No excuses. No two month crap just to forget about everything. The important hurdles have already been overcome.

The bus ride was okay. Listened to my music and slept. Justin kept trying to talk to me about his experiences with Battlefield 2 and advice on how to play the game. I’ve played Battlefield 2 for a few hours since purchasing it. An enjoyable game to say the least, but I don’t like the loading times.

The AeroLine bus stopped at the Grand Copthorne – I believe the THIMUN delegates from ISB were staying there during the conference in November. From there, we took a cab over to the Crown Prince, checked in, deposited our luggage, and proceeded to roam.

I was surprised by how few people there were out on Orchard Road in the early afternoon. Perhaps it’s because I’ve only been out at late afternoon to nightfall, or perhaps everyone is too involved in Chinese New Year celebration to go out shopping. Many of the shops were closed, rendering even the large shopping complexes barren. We had a late lunch at the McDonalds at Lucky Plaza. There’s a burger here called the Fàn-tastic. Very interesting, I had a Chicken Fàn-tastic and enjoyed it.

Found Armored Core: Formula Front for the PSP. The shopkeep went down to 80 SGD for the game, still too high for my tastes. Add onto that I only had 100 SGD spending money to start with. 80 SGD is comparable to United States prices, but I’m sure they can go lower. I don’t think I have the time to be gaming right now, but sometimes I get rather bored with simply listening to music on the PSP. The Apple iPod Video 30GB can be had for 500 SGD – parallel to the price in the US. iPod prices in Singapore aren’t ridiculously inflated like the ones in Malaysia. A tax issue, I’m sure.

Wandered over to Cathay Cineleisure after a while of exploring Lucky Plaza. There really wasn’t any point in hanging around with so many of the shops closed. I was also surprised upon walking into cineleisure – the whole damn place was empty. Only a few people were making their way up and down the escalators. We went up to the level with the Coke Red Lounge. Justin and I beat each other down in DOA2: Ultimate a bit. I can’t play the game worth crap, but it’s fun to mash buttons and see what happens.

Justin is determined to get his hands on a copy of Battlefield 2: Special Forces. I’m sure we’ll find him a copy. I just want to get my hands on a good mousepad for use with OCEANBLUe and its Logitech MX500. I’m using an old cloth pad right now – the pad is just a little over two times greater than the size of the mouse. Looking at buying a Razor cloth pad. They’re crazy smooth. After that, it’s time for me to sort out the problems with my Logitech mouse drivers. mouse4 and mouse5 are recognized in Windows, but they do not count towards actual mouse clicks as recorded by WhatPulse. This leads to problems when gaming as Counter-Strike: Source won’t detect mouse4 and mouse5 and thus, I cannot bind them to +voicerecord.

Somewhere in all this wandering around, I heard the sound of a very nice bike. A yellow something or other. I was walking towards an intersection somewhere along Orchard and was commenting to Justin about how people in Singapore drive nice bikes and cars. Light turned green, and then a new noise – a lime green Lamborghini Gallardo. Holy shit. That thing looked mean, the driver cleared the intersection before anyone else even got rolling, and it sounded sweet. Hot stuff.

Wondering where all the people were, we made our way over to the Visitor’s Information Center located across Orchard from Cathay Cineleisure. Dad picked up a few little pamphlets highlighting attractions and asked some questions. Apparantly, business is returning to normal tomorrow as Chinese New Year celebrations will have ended and people will be settling back into their normal lifestyles. At least it’ll feel a little less awkward walking into a shopping complex when the shops start opening up again. We got the Information Center attendants to mark out the location of Dan Ryan’s on a map and walked over there.

I had a full rack of baby-back ribs. Oh, how I love ribs. And now I’m practically broke because I covered dinner. I have less than 20 SGD left, and I’ve just finished my first day in Singapore.

I must complain about Chinese New Year. Sure, it’s great that family gets together to celebrate. Except for the fact that we don’t have any family but ourselves in Malaysia. Meaning us little children don’t get much in the way of 红包. All the money I got for Chinese New Year is going to be spent on food in Singapore. I won’t have any left over to contribute towards my K750i fund.

Birthday’s coming up soon. We’ll see if anything interesting happens then.

Regarding new phones – I’m thinking that I might spring for a W800i instead of the K750i. It’s always a consideration. The W800i and K750i are virtually identical save for the external housing and the firmware. Otherwise, hardware specs are exactly the same. The W800i comes with a 512MB Sony Memorystick Duo whereas the K750i comes with a 64MB Sony Memorystick Duo. The price difference is rather small. It all boils down to design in the end. I’ll make up my mind eventually.

RM580 / RM1100
RM420 Remaining

Back to point one. If we simply can’t be friends, even though I recall you saying that’s what you wanted, then tell me. I’d really rather not have feelings for someone who will never understand a damn thing.

s’pore tomorrow. and stuff

I set out from home at 7AM to Sunway’s Metropolitan College to take the SAT ‘Reasoning Test’. Checked in and everything, sat down to my copy of the SAT test and worked away. The testing room was awfully cold. Luckily Mei was there. She saved the day with her chocolates.

I wonder what I’ll get.

That aside, we drove back home and picked up McDonald’s for lunch. Big Mac, you know. Which reminds me – the world’s cheapest Big Macs can be had in China. Second-cheapest Big Mac goes to Malaysia. Isn’t that something? The average Big Mac in China is one third of the price of the Big Mac in the United States. Come on over to China, tubby. You can eat your fill for a fraction of the money that it costs to get big in the States.


Happy Chinese New Year!

I’ve got no extended family to celebrate with around Malaysia. Everyone on my mom’s side is somewhere in the Shanghai area. My dad’s side is split up all over the place. One uncle in Hawaii with my grandparents, the other’s in New England. I’ll be spending my summer in New England again. And trying to get a Learner’s Permit for driving. I can’t believe I still haven’t looked into driving yet. If I were in the States..

I got a 红包 from my dad. Some spending money for Singapore. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll be spending any money in Singapore. Perhaps I’ll buy something small to eat once in a while, but that will be the bulk of my spending. We head out early tomorrow morning on the AeroLinefrom its station at the Corus Hotel, KL. Stop for lunch at that rest station near Singapore, continue en route, and arrive in Singapore sometime in the early afternoon.

From there, we check in at the Crown Prince on Orchard Road, put down our stuff, and roam Singapore. Yay. I’m going to leave my blog, email, and phone alone for three days. Just to relax. I think I have a little work to get done while I’m there, but I’ll find time to do it when I’m not out and about.

大阿姨 should be coming to visit us some time after Chinese New Year. She’ll stay for a while and then go back to China. I haven’t seen her for close to two years now, so I’m really looking forward to this.

The Nokia 6020 is being sold for RM 430. I’m not going to say how much I’m making or losing on this investment – all I can say is that I’m very happy with how it’s going. I’ll get the cash in exchange for the phone on the first day back in school.

I’m trying to save up RM 1100 for the Sony Ericsson K750i. I know my parents won’t be thrilled if I come back home one day toting a brand new cellphone. I intend to purchase it in Shanghai during Spring Break. By then, I’ll have saved up enough money for the phone in cash. It’ll simply be an exchange of all my Malaysian Ringgit into Chinese 人民币 and a matter of keeping myself from getting mugged on the way to the boarding gate for the flight, getting mugged on the plane, getting mugged in Shanghai’s airport, getting mugged on the street to the taxi, getting mugged by the taxi driver en route to my uncle’s house, getting mugged getting my luggage into the elevator, getting mugged on the elevator, getting mugged right outside of my uncle’s front door. No sweat.

By the time that Spring Break hits, RM 1100 will be overkill for the Sony Ericsson K750i. The price is expected to dip to RM 1100 after Chinese New Year. By Spring Break, I anticipate the price to fall to sub RM 1000 levels. Right now, I have RM 150 in cash and I’ll be getting RM 430 on Thursday for the Nokia 6020. That brings me up to RM 580, with RM 520 remaining until I can buy the SE K750i. I’ll save up a little more than necessary so that I can pick up a bottle of Chivas Regal Scottish Whisky or Johnnie Walker Black Label. Oh God, I can’t wait. Whisky and a new phone. Harrr!

Regarding ESPL Clan, I now have a team. I’m playing as ESPL| T4. yetieateR. Their Pro team. Oh, <3. I need to make a new spray eventually. I'll make a prettier one. The current one has too low contrast in the back. Need something uber-sexay. Skyping with Jeff T. And I'll write something else. Or post something. I’m feeling: Excited
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Guess I’m feeling happy today. School day could have been better, but I’m not really complaining. I had a writing assignment in English that lasted for the whole period. We’re just writing and being graded according to the IB rubric. Not the most fun in the world. Whatever.

The Music department decided to celebrate Mozart’s 250th birthday today and so, the school’s food.. people prepared a ton of cupcakes. They were all placed in the library. Most people, attracted by the prospect of free food, were drawn to the library. I was in there trying to sell that Nokia 6020. First buyer was not interested in the phone, but no biggie – I have several more offers coming up that I can pick through.

We fooled around with microscopes in Biology. Drew a single phase in mitosis of onion cells. I don’t know what else is happening.

Chinese New Year break. I have the SAT to worry about tomorrow morning, and I haven’t studied for it at all. I was supposed to prepare and to do very well on it. I don’t think my results are going to be as high as they should be. I have a cold and I haven’t looked through any of my vocabulary words. Whoops.

I’m looking forward to going to Singapore. Need to find out where in hell Dan Ryan’s is so I can go there to eat. And… what do you know.  Dan Ryan’s is very near Orchard Road. I guess that’s in walking distance, but I don’t think we’ll be doing much walking.

Looking into the following:

  • Sony Memorystick PRO Duo 2GB
  • Sony Ericsson K750i

If I can get a K750i, I’ll get it in Shanghai. Until then, I’m saving up money. I don’t want my savings account to take too hard of a hit. I was considering a Motorola Razr v3 earlier, but then I decided that it really wasn’t worth it. Such an expensive phone, such limited features. No T-Flash card slot, even. The E398 has better bang for the buck. The Razr v3 is good only for its looks. Besides, I don’t much like Motorola’s interface.

I’m babbling now.

Accepted into ESPL Clan. From now on, I’ll be playing as ESPL|T. yetieateR until I get assigned a team number. More Counter-Strike: Source for me!

I ran today. Did two runs of the hill in front of my house and ran the usual route that we walk the dog on. It’s too damn hot outside. I ended up getting dehydrated and heading back home. I’m much too lazy for my own good.

On the bus I heard something that I didn’t like so I lashed out at the chair in front of me. I ended up skinning my knuckle.

And I guess I’m kind of confused. I’ll pretend I’m not.

I’m feeling: Happy
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