nothing much.

School’s going to start up again on January 9th. Have yet to finish my French homework and to make notes on Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Kiss of the Spiderwoman. I finished Kiss of the Spiderwoman today and I must say, I’m rather confused as to how sexuality plays out in the novel. I know that the two main characters are up to something a little queer in their cell, but what exactly?

Finished my IB Math Portfolio. Just had to type everything up to demonstrate application of technology to bag all the points possible on the IB rubric. I honestly don’t see the point. Working through the portfolio on the computer is a tedious and rather pointless process. Microsoft Equation Editor is a pain in the ass to use. I’m sure there are keyboard shortcuts to memorize to speed up work, but I just can’t be bothered to look into it right now.

Finishing up these little tasks makes me happy.

Alright, so what do I have to do? I’m going to have to start doing situps again. Must keep myself in shape. I’ve got those 6kg weights to work with. I’ll see if I can do 25-30-30-30-25 or something. Sounds good. And pushups. Need to work on hitting higher numbers all over again. I’ve been lazy over the break. Way too tired as well. Just feel like falling asleep at night.

Still looking at a new phone. God, I wish I had access to my money when I felt like it. Everything I have is saved up in a savings account somewhere in the States. My dad manages it all through Quicken. If I’ve got extra cash in pocket that I don’t feel like carrying around, I deposit it as I please. At the end of each quarter, he writes a check to synchronize the Quicken balance with my savings account. Easy. Problem is I don’t have access to any solid cash. It’s all just a figure in a portfolio.

Will get my grades up and everything before my birthday and then start pestering my parents. Perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten this SE T630.. Upgrading is going to be hard as hell. Want the Sony Ericsson K750i, I’ll pick up a new 512MB Sony Memory Stick Duo PRO for use with the phone. Grand total of around $400 USD. I’ve got the money saved up – of course I can’t access it.

And then I’ve got that $1000 USD debt still waiting to be cleared out.


Been playing a lot of Counter-Strike: Source lately. Only play on ESPL’s public server. Ranked 14th, KD 1.94, half my kills are HS. I panic way too much still. Have to learn to keep going with bursts unless it’s absolutely necessary to spray. I’ll work on the aim a bit. And then I’ll just quit playing Counter-Strike. I think I started playing at the end of 7th grade. Or half-way into 8th grade. Something like that. It’s been way too long and I haven’t reaped any rewards out of it.

Have to start thinking smart. Then I’ll be able to laugh.

笑死我了。 哈。 哈。 哈。

Listening to: Shades Apart – Stranger By the Day