I just got a used Nokia 6020 today. It’s five months old, under warranty for another seven months, and has had its LCD screen replaced for a new one. The only problem is that it won’t boot properly. Supposedly, it’s a problem with the phone’s motherboard. I’ll look into it and see if I can work my magic. It’s pretty nice – PushToTalk enabled, fully unlocked, VGA camera, video recording, as much memory as the Sony Ericsson T630, and is in its box with headset and charger. I love phones. So pretty.

Not saying anything about the price that I’m getting it for. Because the phone won’t boot and the reseller does not clasify the motherboard as being under warranty, a full repair would involve replacing the motherboard with a new one – essentially, taking apart the phone and putting a fresh brain into an old body. Such an expensive repair isn’t worthwhile and it’s actually much more economically sound to go ahead and buy a new phone of the same model.

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I have to start studying for the SAT again. I need to look through all my vocabulary words. Math shouldn’t be a problem. I know I won’t get a perfect score on that, but at least I can try for one.

Yay yay yay!

So I’ve got three phones right now. A Sony Ericsson T630, Nokia 6020, and my first phone – Nokia 8310. Wee!

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considerations before the kill.

When engaged in any situation, no matter how trivial or how serious, we must look at both the long and short-term consequences of our actions.

Here’s a situation. Party A is in a dispute with Party Z. Party Z has tried to extend the hand of friendship to Party A multiple times in the past, getting shot down time after time again. Eventually, Party Z decides that Party A lacks decency. Party Z has tried to be nice, Party A has failed to reciprocate.

Party Z’s requests for friendship have led to attacks by Party A. Party A has insulted Party Z with disregard for any long-term consequences. Party A insults Party Z in an attempt to create more space – a reasonable goal, but not a reasonable approach. Perhaps in the short run, the approach seems perfectly suited to the situation.

And then all hell breaks loose.

I’d write more, but I have to work. IB Economics commentary due on Friday, SAT on January 28th, an in-class writing assignment on Like Water for Chocolate on Friday, seminars on Chapters 9, 10, and 11 of Like Water for Chocolate on Wednesday, a paper on sickle cell anemia for Biology on Wednesday, and more to come throughout the week.

Bring it on. Rawrrrrr!

January 24th Edit:

I don’t feel like finishing up what I was writing earlier. Heading out to Singapore on the 29th, taking the AeroLine in the morning. Should be fun.

Going to take a look at a friend’s phone. I might decide to pick it up if there’s still hope for it. Apparantly, the motherboard has been damaged. However, the rest of the internals are in perfect shape. If that’s the case, I might get the motherboard replaced or repaired and start using that phone.


summer programs.

Not that I’m really interested in attending a summer program.

Summer at Stanford University
Dear yetieateR,

Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) brings the instructional expertise of Stanford University to pre-college students worldwide.

This year Stanford University will select the finest high-school students from around the country and the world to participate in EPGY’s Summer Institutes. During three-week and four-week sessions, participants live in student residences on the Stanford campus and work in small groups with Stanford instructors. The Summer Institutes allow students to join peers who share their abilities and interests in an academic and social environment conducive to intellectual stimulation and development. Designed for highly motivated students, the Summer Institutes explore subject areas in depth, presenting challenging material beyond what is typically offered in high school. Every student attending the Summer Institutes leaves with a sense of academic accomplishment, new friends, and fond memories of a wonderful time spent at Stanford University.

EPGY also offers computer-based distance-learning courses in mathematics, physics, English and computer programming. These courses are available throughout the year.

As a student who shows significant academic potential, we encourage your to explore these options.

For information, please see

Raymond Ravaglia
Deputy Director
Stanford University EPGY

p.s. You received this message though the College Board Student Selective Search. To remove your name from future e-mails from EPGY, please use our request page.

Editted to remove my name. But yay. PSATs were okay. SAT coming up next Saturday and I need to start studying.

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hell yeah.

Had Economics first thing in the morning today. Towards the end of class, I asked the teacher how things were coming along for BEIMUN. I had asked him about BEIMUN when it was first mentioned and checked in from time to time about it, but didn’t go to any of the meetings because it was originally restricted to lowerclassmen. Another Junior had shown interest in BEIMUN early on and so, my teacher and director for this trip welcomed him aboard.

I talked to him late last week about BEIMUN and was told to stay to talk to him afterschool. I went, four other freshmen were there as well regarding BEIMUN. I signed up Jay and myself for the ‘Waiting List’ to get in. Our school has been allocated up to twelve delegates for this conference – the director wasn’t willing to go above the original six because of logistics-related concerns. I explained that I could arrange my own housing and that I was still familiar with Beijing.

When I talked to him about BEIMUN today, he seemed rather certain that we could work something out. So now I’m off of the Waiting List. I need somebody to stay with from around March 16th to 19th – provided that I can make it. I’ll certainly push my parents for this.

Other stuff.

I still have four invitations remaining for Microsoft Windows Live Messenger BETA. This is an invitation only BETA – contact me if you’re interested in giving it a whirl. WLM combines all the features of the current MSN Messenger and adds on several more including Sharing Folders, Offline Messaging, new view options in the contact list, and the ability to send messages while your status is set to “Appear Offline”.

Will post more later. Come on, comment if you’ve got space 😛

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