I just got a used Nokia 6020 today. It’s five months old, under warranty for another seven months, and has had its LCD screen replaced for a new one. The only problem is that it won’t boot properly. Supposedly, it’s a problem with the phone’s motherboard. I’ll look into it and see if I can work my magic. It’s pretty nice – PushToTalk enabled, fully unlocked, VGA camera, video recording, as much memory as the Sony Ericsson T630, and is in its box with headset and charger. I love phones. So pretty.

Not saying anything about the price that I’m getting it for. Because the phone won’t boot and the reseller does not clasify the motherboard as being under warranty, a full repair would involve replacing the motherboard with a new one – essentially, taking apart the phone and putting a fresh brain into an old body. Such an expensive repair isn’t worthwhile and it’s actually much more economically sound to go ahead and buy a new phone of the same model.

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I have to start studying for the SAT again. I need to look through all my vocabulary words. Math shouldn’t be a problem. I know I won’t get a perfect score on that, but at least I can try for one.

Yay yay yay!

So I’ve got three phones right now. A Sony Ericsson T630, Nokia 6020, and my first phone – Nokia 8310. Wee!

I’m feeling:¬†Happy