singapore – day two.

Justin woke me up in the middle of the night, complaining that his stomach hurt. It got worse throughout the day. All I know is that I woke up after a good twelve hours of sleep and figured out that he was having some terrible stomach pain and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

We set out rather late into the day, walking out of the hotel and down Orchard to Somerset Road’s MRT station. From there, we took the MRT down to Harbourfront in preparation to go to Sentosa Island. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we headed to Coffee Club for brunch. Ordered some sandwich or other – I can’t remember exactly what it was called now because I’m writing this after having arrived back in Kuala Lumpur.

Dad inquired as to how we should set about getting to Sentosa Island. Suggestion was to take the cable car over and so, we made our way to Harbourfront Plaza. The line was incredible. It was the first of many lines that we would see that day. We tired quickly of waiting and so, we hitched a cab and went directly to Underwater World.

It’s small. I mean, really small. Ocean Park’s Aquarium was much more impressive and a lot larger. The price of one ticket covers admission to both Underwater World and to the Dolphin Lagoon. I personally didn’t think that it was worth it. I’ve seen fish before. Bigger fish. In prettier water. A lot of people all over the place, a whole bunch of crying little kids who were bawling for their parents. Oh, have mercy on my soul.

We missed the first show at Dolphin Lagoon so we hopped the Red Line over to Fort Siloso. Bought tickets, drove up there, walked around. The highlight of my trip was seeing a peacock and its chick. I was doubling back for water when I chanced upon the birds. Pretty.

Complaints? Fort Siloso – sure, it’s got some history to it. However, there wasn’t enough to see and not enough to do. Too many automated things detracted from overall ‘presentation’ and made the whole affair seem too cheap. I do enjoy a fair bit of history, but there simply wasn’t enough to see and read up on.

Took the bus down and made our way to the Dolphin Lagoon. I tried to enjoy the show, but everyone was standing and I couldn’t see a damn thing. I’ve seen enough of dolphins. Ocean Park and Sea World had kickass dolphins. These dolphins gave it their best, applause.

My memory doesn’t serve me well. After watching the dolphins do their thing, we made our way back to the Crown Prince by taxi. It was rather hard getting a taxi – lines everywhere on Sentosa Island. Upon return to the hotel we got washed up and made plans for the evening. Set out to Cathay Cineleisure’s Pastamania for dinner. I still have a pocket-menu from there. At the time, Justin’s stomach had settled back to normal.

Walked over to Le Meridien hotel to wait for the bus to the Night Safari. I fell asleep on the ride over. The Night Safari was one of the highlights of our stay in Singapore. Interesting things to see, Singapore is comfortable to walk around in at night. Nicely done, but long lines waiting for the trams that take visitors around the park. Complaints – they ought to separate trams based on ethnic group or something. No, I’m not encouraging segregation persay, it’s simply that my experience was marred by the failure of half of the visitors to comprehend the simple instructions laid forth by the Night Safari staff. No flash photography. Shut up when we approach the animals. We hopped off of the tram at the East Lodge stop and walked one of the trails in hopes of finding a better group to travel with.

Returned back to Orchard Road by bus. Justin wasn’t feeling well so we handed him a key card and allowed him to go back to the hotel room by himself. I walked around with dad trying to find a place to grab a second quick dinner. As we were about to cross the intersection to get to Paragon shopping centre, a black Lamborghini Gallardo sped past us. Those things are beautiful. The Food Cellar was already closed down, but we walked around to find a suitable place to eat for the next day.

Ended up getting some baked curry chicken rice at Swensen’s, located right next to the Crown Prince. Then went up to sleep.

Listening to:  Jack Johnson – Badfish/Boss DJ