s’pore tomorrow. and stuff

I set out from home at 7AM to Sunway’s Metropolitan College to take the SAT ‘Reasoning Test’. Checked in and everything, sat down to my copy of the SAT test and worked away. The testing room was awfully cold. Luckily Mei was there. She saved the day with her chocolates.

I wonder what I’ll get.

That aside, we drove back home and picked up McDonald’s for lunch. Big Mac, you know. Which reminds me – the world’s cheapest Big Macs can be had in China. Second-cheapest Big Mac goes to Malaysia. Isn’t that something? The average Big Mac in China is one third of the price of the Big Mac in the United States. Come on over to China, tubby. You can eat your fill for a fraction of the money that it costs to get big in the States.


Happy Chinese New Year!

I’ve got no extended family to celebrate with around Malaysia. Everyone on my mom’s side is somewhere in the Shanghai area. My dad’s side is split up all over the place. One uncle in Hawaii with my grandparents, the other’s in New England. I’ll be spending my summer in New England again. And trying to get a Learner’s Permit for driving. I can’t believe I still haven’t looked into driving yet. If I were in the States..

I got a 红包 from my dad. Some spending money for Singapore. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll be spending any money in Singapore. Perhaps I’ll buy something small to eat once in a while, but that will be the bulk of my spending. We head out early tomorrow morning on the AeroLinefrom its station at the Corus Hotel, KL. Stop for lunch at that rest station near Singapore, continue en route, and arrive in Singapore sometime in the early afternoon.

From there, we check in at the Crown Prince on Orchard Road, put down our stuff, and roam Singapore. Yay. I’m going to leave my blog, email, and phone alone for three days. Just to relax. I think I have a little work to get done while I’m there, but I’ll find time to do it when I’m not out and about.

大阿姨 should be coming to visit us some time after Chinese New Year. She’ll stay for a while and then go back to China. I haven’t seen her for close to two years now, so I’m really looking forward to this.

The Nokia 6020 is being sold for RM 430. I’m not going to say how much I’m making or losing on this investment – all I can say is that I’m very happy with how it’s going. I’ll get the cash in exchange for the phone on the first day back in school.

I’m trying to save up RM 1100 for the Sony Ericsson K750i. I know my parents won’t be thrilled if I come back home one day toting a brand new cellphone. I intend to purchase it in Shanghai during Spring Break. By then, I’ll have saved up enough money for the phone in cash. It’ll simply be an exchange of all my Malaysian Ringgit into Chinese 人民币 and a matter of keeping myself from getting mugged on the way to the boarding gate for the flight, getting mugged on the plane, getting mugged in Shanghai’s airport, getting mugged on the street to the taxi, getting mugged by the taxi driver en route to my uncle’s house, getting mugged getting my luggage into the elevator, getting mugged on the elevator, getting mugged right outside of my uncle’s front door. No sweat.

By the time that Spring Break hits, RM 1100 will be overkill for the Sony Ericsson K750i. The price is expected to dip to RM 1100 after Chinese New Year. By Spring Break, I anticipate the price to fall to sub RM 1000 levels. Right now, I have RM 150 in cash and I’ll be getting RM 430 on Thursday for the Nokia 6020. That brings me up to RM 580, with RM 520 remaining until I can buy the SE K750i. I’ll save up a little more than necessary so that I can pick up a bottle of Chivas Regal Scottish Whisky or Johnnie Walker Black Label. Oh God, I can’t wait. Whisky and a new phone. Harrr!

Regarding ESPL Clan, I now have a team. I’m playing as ESPL| T4. yetieateR. Their Pro team. Oh, <3. I need to make a new spray eventually. I'll make a prettier one. The current one has too low contrast in the back. Need something uber-sexay. Skyping with Jeff T. And I'll write something else. Or post something. I’m feeling: Excited
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