Guess I’m feeling happy today. School day could have been better, but I’m not really complaining. I had a writing assignment in English that lasted for the whole period. We’re just writing and being graded according to the IB rubric. Not the most fun in the world. Whatever.

The Music department decided to celebrate Mozart’s 250th birthday today and so, the school’s food.. people prepared a ton of cupcakes. They were all placed in the library. Most people, attracted by the prospect of free food, were drawn to the library. I was in there trying to sell that Nokia 6020. First buyer was not interested in the phone, but no biggie – I have several more offers coming up that I can pick through.

We fooled around with microscopes in Biology. Drew a single phase in mitosis of onion cells. I don’t know what else is happening.

Chinese New Year break. I have the SAT to worry about tomorrow morning, and I haven’t studied for it at all. I was supposed to prepare and to do very well on it. I don’t think my results are going to be as high as they should be. I have a cold and I haven’t looked through any of my vocabulary words. Whoops.

I’m looking forward to going to Singapore. Need to find out where in hell Dan Ryan’s is so I can go there to eat. And… what do you know.  Dan Ryan’s is very near Orchard Road. I guess that’s in walking distance, but I don’t think we’ll be doing much walking.

Looking into the following:

  • Sony Memorystick PRO Duo 2GB
  • Sony Ericsson K750i

If I can get a K750i, I’ll get it in Shanghai. Until then, I’m saving up money. I don’t want my savings account to take too hard of a hit. I was considering a Motorola Razr v3 earlier, but then I decided that it really wasn’t worth it. Such an expensive phone, such limited features. No T-Flash card slot, even. The E398 has better bang for the buck. The Razr v3 is good only for its looks. Besides, I don’t much like Motorola’s interface.

I’m babbling now.

Accepted into ESPL Clan. From now on, I’ll be playing as ESPL|T. yetieateR until I get assigned a team number. More Counter-Strike: Source for me!

I ran today. Did two runs of the hill in front of my house and ran the usual route that we walk the dog on. It’s too damn hot outside. I ended up getting dehydrated and heading back home. I’m much too lazy for my own good.

On the bus I heard something that I didn’t like so I lashed out at the chair in front of me. I ended up skinning my knuckle.

And I guess I’m kind of confused. I’ll pretend I’m not.

I’m feeling: Happy
Listening to:  Modest Mouse – Bury Me With It