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Bring it, bitch.

‘customer service’

Screw you, Sony.

I went out to KLCC during the afternoon and met zio from I sold him the Nintendo Gamecube and went to Ampang Park with the intention of getting my Sony PSP repaired. This morning, I printed out a little sheet of paper outlining exactly what the problem was with my PSP and what I wanted done. Packed everything nicely into the PSP’s original box and I went off with high hopes of getting my PSP fixed.

After finishing up my business with zio at KLCC, I took the LRT to Ampang Park. First went to a game shop that I frequent – I’ve gone there for countless Xbox repairs and have purchased a fair number of games from them. If anyone would help me fix up my PSP, it had to be them. And I know that I can trust these people.

They wouldn’t take it. They said that PSP repairs were not very commonly carried out, and that they didn’t have the necessary parts for it. The person that they take units to for repairs doesn’t do repairs where parts need to be replaced. I wonder what he repairs, then.

Walked off to the other game store there. I carefully explained my situation to the store owner, showed him the part that had broken off, and he gave his technician a call. No luck, the guy didn’t have replacement parts for PSPs. I joked around a bit, asked for the price of a new PSP, and walked back to the first shop.

Explained the situation in further detail to the first guy, telling him that I needed to get the PSP repaired regardless of the time that it would take. He said that it was possible that I had damaged the PSP further than just the connector to the screen. I disproved this by turning on the PSP, letting it run through its startup sequence, and moving around through XMB. The buttons work and all, it’s just that there’s no display. Christ.

And he still wouldn’t take it. He explained that he didn’t want to be held responsible if the repair guy caused further damage. I stuffed everything back in my bag and took the LRT back to KLCC to see if the SonyStyle shop would repair it.

I’ve tried the SonyStyle shop before. They were friendly enough the first time, why not give it another shot? Walked in, explained my situation, showed them what was wrong with the PSP, and got an immediate rejection. There was a Chinese-Malaysian woman and a Malaysian woman there to ‘help’ customers. I took up my complaint with the Chinese-Malaysian woman immediately – she was the one who had filed my warranty claim before, and I thought it would be simple enough to get her to file another one.

The Malaysian woman took one look at the PSP, noted that it was a Japanese model, and said that Sony would not service it because the ‘HQ’ did not have the parts or the facilities necessary for repairs on a Japanese model. Something about the differences in the software. I told her that I didn’t care and that it was a very simple thing. I shoke around the little container with the snapped off connector from the motherboard and told her that “This doesn’t look like software to me.” I explained, as nice as possible, that it was pretty damn easy to tell when you had fixed the problem with my PSP. Once the fucking screen lights up and displays what it’s supposed to display, that’s it. It’s one part. That’s all.

The two women started babbling on in Bahasa Melayu. Thanks a lot for leaving me out, ladies. I kept hearing the word ‘customer’, ‘insist’, and ‘claim’ being tossed around. I don’t think they were particularly happy with me. Chinese-Malaysian woman handed me a form and I began to fill it out. She was keying in the serial number on my PSP into the computer when Malaysian woman started talking to her in Bahasa Melayu again. At which point Chinese-Malaysian woman stopped typing on the computer, looked up at me, and said, “Sorry sir, but the computer won’t accept your serial number.”

Complete bullshit. This woman had filled out my warranty claim in the past. In the past meaning just three weeks ago. I calmly told her this, somewhat puzzled by why she would tell me that the computer didn’t like my serial number. Meanwhile, Malaysian woman stopped everything and told me that the warranty claim was a waste of my time. And then Chinese-Malaysian woman told me that since they were so very nice, they didn’t want me to waste my time with a fruitless warranty claim.

And I went back to explaining. And told them that I really needed the PSP fixed, that I didn’t have enough money to keep purchasing new gadgets, and that it was a very small, very easily remedied hardware problem. Nothing to do with software, which they kept using as a counter-claim. I demanded to speak to someone with higher authority, and Malaysian woman made a call. Then she left the room to go.. do something. She came back with a card and told me that if I thought my claim was really valid, I could call the number for Sony parts in Malaysia. Until I got a green light from them, the Customer Care center would not follow through with any repair requests.

I got fed up, took my PSP with me, and left after balling up and throwing out the claim card that I had filled out. It’s not that hard to see that it’s a hardware problem. I checked it. I broke it, I repaired it this far. I asked if they’d want some cash padding just so someone would fix my PSP.

Even the whole region issue argument seems shakey to me. Just how different can the internals of one PSP be from another’s? Perhaps some different components due to production facilities and sourcing, but that’s it. Besides, this was a purely hardware-related issue. They don’t need a fucking software check on the motherboard just to ensure that things are working. I proved to them that it was nothing over than the connection between the LCD screen and the motherboard.

I don’t see what all the fuss was about. Chinese-Malaysian woman lied to me. Malaysian woman was a complete bitch, and I walked off angry. A kid with a fucking soldering iron could fix this. I’m a kid, but I don’t have a soldering iron. I tried being reasonable. Clearly, it doesn’t work with some people.

razr v3i hack: behold, seem editing

I’ve read up on the required reading to get me prepped for modding Motorola phones. This is my first venture into hacking any phone. I’ll end up with a bricked RAZR V3i if I don’t watch out after this.

I decided to try some SEEM editing today after playing around with P2KTools. With P2KTools, I cleaned up my Message menu option. Now there’s not that much trash in it. Hid all the MMS menus, enabled all the possible Vibrate alerts.

SEEM 0061_0001 and 0062_001 on the Motorola RAZR V3i control what is displayed on the outer LCD panel when the phone is opened. Normally, the phone looks in a:mobile systemfor the cl.gif file. Earlier, I had installed the Motomodders skin. Designed originally for the RAZR V3, this skin comes with its own custom startup and shutdown sounds, animated startup and shutdown sequences, and cl.gif file. I backed up the original cl.gif and uploaded the one included with the skin. Bam.

And along came SEEM editing. Required reading:
MotoX’s Guide to SEEM Editing
MotoX – Quick Change cl.gif

After much tinkering and some confusion about why my edited SEEMs weren’t causing the effect that I wanted them to, I finally figured out that there is a difference between a space and a blank spot in HEX editing. And then all was well.

And now, I’ve ended up with this.

Back to life. Or rather, the academic side of it. Mandatory day at school tomorrow to discuss and begin research on the IB Extended Essay. I think I have a topic. How much room there is for experimentation in it, I don’t know. And I also have no idea how I’m going to get a good temperature probe.

Dad’s back from Hawaii.