razr v3i hack: behold, seem editing

I’ve read up on the required reading to get me prepped for modding Motorola phones. This is my first venture into hacking any phone. I’ll end up with a bricked RAZR V3i if I don’t watch out after this.

I decided to try some SEEM editing today after playing around with P2KTools. With P2KTools, I cleaned up my Message menu option. Now there’s not that much trash in it. Hid all the MMS menus, enabled all the possible Vibrate alerts.

SEEM 0061_0001 and 0062_001 on the Motorola RAZR V3i control what is displayed on the outer LCD panel when the phone is opened. Normally, the phone looks in a:mobile systemfor the cl.gif file. Earlier, I had installed the Motomodders skin. Designed originally for the RAZR V3, this skin comes with its own custom startup and shutdown sounds, animated startup and shutdown sequences, and cl.gif file. I backed up the original cl.gif and uploaded the one included with the skin. Bam.

And along came SEEM editing. Required reading:
MotoX’s Guide to SEEM Editing
MotoX – Quick Change cl.gif

After much tinkering and some confusion about why my edited SEEMs weren’t causing the effect that I wanted them to, I finally figured out that there is a difference between a space and a blank spot in HEX editing. And then all was well.

And now, I’ve ended up with this.

Back to life. Or rather, the academic side of it. Mandatory day at school tomorrow to discuss and begin research on the IB Extended Essay. I think I have a topic. How much room there is for experimentation in it, I don’t know. And I also have no idea how I’m going to get a good temperature probe.

Dad’s back from Hawaii.