becoming a vegetarian?

I just had to do this.

Turning VegetarianHey again~!

As you all know.. I’m “turning vegetarian”! lol.. you have NO idea how they treat animals.. it’s soo sad. Now, if some of you aka. Ken might think that eating plants is stupid.. well then, I shall tell you WHY it isn’t. My mom and I had a talk about this over dinner and is why I’ve decided to turn vegetarian.

Firstly, pork. Do you know where pork comes FROM? they come from PIGS! Pigs, people may say, are disgusting, foul, smelly creatures that ought to be eaten just because God put them here. Well sorry to disappoint you, but in my opinion, they are SOOo NOT meant to be eaten!! Did you KNOW that pigs actually CRY before they get killed? My mom and grandmother don’t eat pork and you know why?? It’s because my grandmother was eating at a restaurant and saw a pig run out of the place, crying. Oh, don’t start crying yet.. coz in the end, they caught the poor little pig, and killed it in the end. And the meat from that pig ended going to your mouth just so you can be “stronger”. Ah, I see you have tears in your eyes now? I know.. it’s SOoo sad!Okay, now.. HOW do they kill it. They put ALL the pigs into this one room, and then, they’d poison it to death with deadly gas. Heartless and cruel.

Now, beef. Beef, for your information, comes from cows. Like pigs, they cry before they get killed. And how do people kill it?? They bring it to a slaughterhouse and the next day, they’d cut off their head, while they’re ALIVE! Can you imagine your head being cut off with the same deadly tool your killer used to kill your family while you’re alive?! And then once you’re dead, your meat would end up going to someone else’s stomach just so they can get “stronger” and “taller”. Personally, I don’t see how a person like my old self would actually sacrifice a life just because it’s “good for me”. heh.

Now, chicken. Chicken, obviously, comes from chicken. Chicken.. they eat each other. Well, the chicken from McD’s and KFC do anyway. But the worse part is, they don’t even know it. They eat they’re own friends and family ffs! Can you imagine your own meat going out to millions all over the world, and the unwanted, going out to your friends and family?!There’s more.. but I think I forgot. So I guess you can go ahead and eat chicken. I’m not being persuasive here at all. lol. But I’m not eating them. Poor little chickens. OR chicken. depending on which one you like. The live one, or the one you eat.

And dogs. Don’t eat dogs. Please don’t eat dogs!! I have a dog as a pet and he’s dying!! So like, don’t eat them. They’re pets, not food. But of course some barbarians eat them – and if you happen to be one of them, I think that you are a very, very, sick and cruel person. Did you know, that a Chinese family had a dog as a pet once. The dog was too old. So, they put it to sleep. Now, that is understandable. But what shocked me was when they actually ATE it in the end! They were soo sad that their dog died. But WHAT did they do in the end, they ATE him. stupid meat-eaters. Not everything with 4 legs are meant to be eaten. complete barbarians. woof.

And now, lamb. Please oh please don’t eat lamb! They’re uber cute animals and I’m born in the year of it!

Okie dokes. that’s all. By the way, my dog’s dying. He’s going to have an operation tomorrow in the morning and so, I’m missing out on school. Yay, right? No.. not at all. It’s soo sad! I’m going because I personally think I’m good luck. Well, I should be! After everything I’ve been through for karma. And karma better exist. The operation’s like.. 50/50 i think. I’m not sure. But if it doesn’t go well, my dog’ll die. Right now, he can’t even walk or stand. He’s in so much pain you can’t pat him much nowadays.. because he ends up shivering . My mom said that tonight, we all better pray lol. I’m not a Christian. I’m actually nothing. lol. haha we don’t even go to church! But my dad’s buddhist. Anyway, my mom told me that in her prayer, she said that if the operation goes smoothly, we will go to church on sundays. haha.. talk about bribery. Anyway, in my prayer tonight, I’m just going to tell Him that if the operation doesn’t go smoothly, then He does not exist. heh. So there.. lol. But then again, I’ve been using that since I was 4yrs old! Lol.. so I’m not sure it’ll work out.. haha. But oh well, worth a try.

So yes.. this entry’s kinda ridiculous.. so I’ll end it now. heh.

But yeah, don’t forget~ Don’t eat meat!! If you do.. you’re a murderer! And dog-eaters, I hate you.



While eating dinner today, I thought about the crab in front of me. I looked into its pitch black eyes, devoid of life. This life, my family took it. We tossed the living creature into a pot and allowed it be steamed in a slow death. The pain that it must have experienced! Had the crab been able to cry out, surely it would have. I can only imagine the horrible, shrill screams that it would have belted out.


Then I ate it. As I peeled the crab apart, I felt revolted by its now dead flesh. What was once free to roam this beautiful earth now lie in front of me, a shell of its old self. Its soul was freed, its life taken just for my dinner.

Every day, someone eats a crab. The crab is usually killed in a horrific manner. By death of boiling water. Pried apart while still alive.

Please stop eating crabs! Become a vegetarian. Think about the poor crabs.

The cows! I will never eat beef again! You know why?! Because they kill cows with poisonous gas. The poor cows are bunched up in large, wholesale bins. They are labelled based on which restaurant they will be sent to. Some cows are branded with McDonalds! Guess where they’re going! McDonalds! They might even end up at Burger King! So the poor cows are all bunched up together and they get so hungry that they eat each other! I once saw a mother cow eat its mate and three of its offspring! I cried my heart out and then swallowed it back in to keep myself alive! Oh, the humanity! And when they kill the cows, they send the dead, poisonous corpses immediately to McDonalds! The McDonalds staff wear protective suits to work on the cow and they cook it! And then you eat it! If you keep eating at McDonalds you’ll die of mad cow disease! You’ll get foot mouth disease and your foot will go into your mouth!

Oh, and dogs! The poor dogs! Think about how unfortunate they are. They get fed all they want, they live a life of pure luxury, they have no work to do, their owners shower them with love. And then people eat them! Chinese people! Chinese people are barbarians! Singaporean people are so civilized! I’m a Singaporean Chinese girl with a head full of bullshit! My roots, from as early as my grandmother, come from China. I enjoy talking crap regardless because I’m a dipshit. And proud of it.

If I write enough about my good deeds, pretend that I’m a great person, then perhaps good things will come my way. That’s how this whole idea of Karma works, right? I refrain from slapping the shit out of my neighbor and BAM! Something good will happen. Oh, I can explain all the day to day events in my life through Karma! I’m such a great person! I’ll live a happy life because I can twist the truth and talk shit.


I didn’t like it, either.