the gadgetry: thermalright xp-90c, motorola razr 2 / canary

Thermalright XP-90C

I headed out to KLCC this morning after having arranged to COD for a Thermalright XP-90C with a member of earlier on in the week. Since building my computer last summer, I’ve been using the stock AMD Athlon 64 HSF. While it works, it gets awfully loud when gaming. I guess that’s all you can expect out of a pure aluminum heatsink, though.

I started work on the Thermalright XP-90C’s installation, thinking that I can take off the AMD stock fan and mount it on the XP-90C. Took apart my computer case, tore everything apart, and took the motherboard out of its tray. I rummaged through the heatsink’s packaging and found the custom mounting bracket for Socket 754/939. Noticed immediately that the DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D’s stock mounting screws would not work for the custom MB. At which point I panicked and searched desperately for a few nuts. A fruitless search and a phone call later, I had found the mounting screws and successfully swapped heatsink mounting brackets.

The XP-90C is massive. It weighs in at 690 grams. That’s over a pound of copper. Some reviews have called it a work of art and it truly is one. I cleaned off my AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Venice and the AMD stock HSF with Zippo Lighter Fluid before applying new thermal compound. Was very afraid of damaging my processor at first and had second thoughts about how to properly mount the XP-90C. Managed to get it on in due course without any hiccups.

The Thermalright XP-90C comes with retention clips for both 80mm and 92mm fans. It turns out that the AMD Athlon 64 stock fan is not an 80mm. It’s slightly undersized and doesn’t look much like a standard fan. It’s shorter than your average fan and does not have the standard screw threads. Whoops. I opened up the other three computers in my home in search for an appropriate fan. I know I have a Thermaltake Smartfan 2 lying around somewhere..

Was forced to use my 80mm exhaust from my case as a CPU fan. While trying to plug in all my PCI devices again, I noticed that my PCI-e graphics card wouldn’t go in properly. The Thermalright XP-90C is so long that it does not allow access to the PCI-e slot if your PCI-e graphics card has a cooler with a custom backplate on it. Luckily, I have two PCI-e slots and did not have to remount the XP-90C itself.

What’s there left to do? I need to pick up a good, quiet 92mm fan this weekend so I can have my 80mm exhaust back. It must be a smartfan – it turns out that the the Coolermaster case fan that I’m using as a CPU fan is not a smartfan. I ran Prime95 for over 30 minutes while I went out for a swim. Temperatures did not once reach over 48°C, even with the fan spinning at 2250 RPM.

Motorola RAZR 2 / Canary

Love the color. And I really like how Motorola has slimmed down the RAZR. The camera is much less obvious than that of the V3i’s as the whole body has the same look to it. Wonder what the spec sheet’s going to look like 

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