05.31 – 06.01 First set of examinations, study for SAT II
06.02 Free day, push for KLCC (bankin), study for SAT II
06.03 SAT II Math 2C + Physics
06.04 Study for second set of examinations
06.05 – 06.06 Second set of examinations
06.07 3V0 回家
06.08 最后一天, bb 2005-2006 yr.. push for KLCC if bankin not yet completed
? 耳机到家
? Sydney ~10 days
? Shanghai ~3 weeks

Still writing up Physics notes for SAT II review. Gaming too much. Still fooling around with my V3i, still modding it up, still updating my Motorola RAZR V3 / V3i Super-Site. Just modded the operators list today, flashed a new LP0015 pixelfont some time earlier.

That whole focus crap didn’t work.

Anything worth talking about? I want to watch someone fail miserably.

Camera phones were invented to do this.

Listening To: Snow Patrol – How to Be Dead