lawl work out.

Encouraged my siblings to get out more on their feet yesterday, also because I was in need of exercise for myself as well. Gained a couple of pounds while I was out on vacation in Australia and I like keeping my weight constant. Struggled my way up to 100 quick pushups, 30 situps once curling to the left, another to the right, 4 sets of 20 situps, 2 sets of 40 6kg dumbbell lifts, then jogged for 2km after running up the short hill in front of my house twice.

Today 70 deeper pushups, 30 situps once curling to each side, 10 situps, 40 6kg dumbbell lifts, out to jog 3km. Will work my way up to 5km distances and then focus on speed. Felt sore in arms and stomach after sleeping last night but no soreness in legs as it was a short distance.

Flying out to Shanghai at 1:30AM on the first of July and will arrive in the early morning.

The Fray – How to Save a Life (2005)
American Pie 4: Band Camp DVD rip
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD rip
*gasp* TBS albums

Fixed up my album art problems with my iPod. It’s all good.

Out to run.


Come to think of it, I’ve been a dick to my siblings.

Listening to:  Breaking Benjamin – Forget It

vacation update.

I’m in Canberra right now. Been doing a little bit of writing and I haven’t had much access to computers. I’d rather sleep the days through because it’s rather cold down here. I think we’re headed up to Sydney in a day or two. Walked all about Canberra yesterday and went to the Parliament House as well as some other building.

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vacation, here i come.

I leave for Australia tomorrow morning. Spent yesterday outside with family and watched The DaVinci Code, ate lunch with dad at Nippon Tei, got angry at my brother on the car ride back home.

We’re supposed to remain active over the summer vacation. Have to learn Chinese, swim or run, do all my school work. There’s still ample time left and I feel lazy right now.

Spent Saturday June 10th with ZLC. Haven’t seen him too many times since coming to KL which is funny seeing that it isn’t too hard to get around. Everyone has been busy, though.

I’ll take crappy pictures.

des petits choses.

School’s out, my LAN is back up with a new Linksys router, my Sennheiser HD555s are getting gradually more comfortable to use, I’ve gotten my iPod Video 30GB, I’m still trying to figure out how to use my iPod with, the screen protector that I put on looks like a mess and has flaws in its worksmanship, the grades that I got show some improvement from the beginning of the year, and…

I need a new addiction.

Need to start running again to build up for the start of the school year and the sporting seasons. I want to put on some weight while I’m at it.

Sydney soon, then Shanghai.


Listening to: 3 Doors Down – Behind Those Eyes