because what’s there to be unhappy about?

I just finished off the last of my exams. I had to go to school today not so much for an exam, but because my English class required it – we simply sat around in the library computer lab and worked on World Literature papers or summer reading. I guess I’ll have to edit my WL1 paper over the summer. I finally did some actual reading and I must say, it’s good to have picked up a book again. Finished The Outsider by Albert Camus. The main character is great.. I need to pick up a copy of the novel over the summer so I can note it up 

A couple of summer assignments including the IB Extended Essay for me to work on. Until these become time-critical, I’m going to sit about and squander away my time.

I went back home early, ate lunch with 妈, and played until I got frustrated. Then the Sennheiser HD555 headphones that I paid for earlier came in so I started listening to my music. I won’t bother writing up a review of these things as I’m no audiophile. As I’ve gotten used to the superaural/circumaural cups and closed design of the Sennheiser HD212 Pro, switching over to true superaural open headphones is quite a shift. These headphones let a lot more sound bleed in from my surroundings, but the advantage is great sounding music. Everything seems tighter.

I’ll be going with 妈 tomorrow morning to pick up Alice from the airport. More goodies 

I’m a little worried about my headphone spending. What I’ve got now:
Sennheiser HD555 – $140 USD
Sennheiser HD212 Pro – $60 USD
Philips SBC-HN110 – $50 USD
Sony MDR-EX71 – $45 USD


I didn’t bother posting this entry earlier because I didn’t feel that it meant much of anything. So I went out for a swim with my brother in the pool. We both rushed back into the house when we heard thunder approaching, showered off, and changed. The thunder kept getting closer although the sky remained relatively clear.

Eventually the storm started up. There are two things my dog will always fear. Tropical storms and fireworks. One thing I dread is cleaning up after her when she’s decided to let this fear manifest itself in liquid form. The storm raged on for a good hour while my brother, mother, and I sat about the dinner table talking and making sure the dog didn’t run off to do her business. Earlier I had unplugged our nice TV setup and turned off the mains power to the study for the important computers.

Well, it just so happened that our house got hit by lightning : I’m not so sure if it was a direct hit or not. I just regret having not taken the time to unplug all the computers properly instead of simply turning off the mains power. I’m still going through looking for damage in the office. Our router is down to two working LAN ports. This is perfectly fine except for the fact that its port used for internet access is dead. The Dell’s LAN card needs to be replaced as it has been damaged. Luckily the modem wasn’t destroyed.

I guess I’ll have to do some shopping tomorrow. The router was a Linksys WRT54GS that will cost $75 USD to replace. A new LAN card should be relatively cheap. I’ll pick up another 80mm case fan and crystal hard cases for my new iPod Video 30GB and my sister’s iPod Nano 2GB while I’m at it.


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