september 24th

I acted as an English interpreter today for my cellphone store job down at Cybermart. Or whatever the place is called. I’ll only go there once as I have my Java to ponder over. A couple of the guys had acceptable English, at least enough to lure in a customer.

There was one guy who had brought in his Motorola RAZR V3 from the US. It was locked under the AT&T network and he needed it unlocked. After some quick translating work, I ended up getting him to cough up 250 RMB for the unlocking process.

Unlocking a V3 is easy enough to do at home with a few minutes of time. I felt somewhat guilty afterwards. Because we had an advantage over him in information, I ended up bagging pure profit. He shook my hand afterwards and thanked me for helping him out.

Just doing my job.