we will become sihullgous.ets.

I just got back from the nightr and sky club } bar with my cunel. We took a taxi aclk and God, we’re like totally fucking drunk. IT’s amzing.

i was chatrnig wtih miko and jenn wagna dnt iat’s like.. omg. I haven’t druank this much in my life evar lol.

ahaha… hnensny vsop I lov eyou and smnifrooff . Thank you russina bvcldkaua. vodka. omg. my uncle and I wasdere so drunk kin the cab theat were were both speakin gin sengilsh. and I think he’s fallen sasleep. I will tkidy this tup eventually. once I can figure out who to type again. hahaha…

I should tale [octires tjatr o dpm
t jave tje digiatl camera. itsn’t that funhy? let’s toatally go to the batr again.


I’, still si drunk. but the go go girls.. ther wad one that ws so hot. and whe was wearign a tie and all that shit and it was cute and all and i wanted to stroke her os omethign. but of c ourse i awx druink. and I still am. I’m stupoedt boe wthign the worl ucp game wiht jy cvunble right now on his LVD TV lol. i can’t think foer m,yself very well and he and i were talking in englihs in the taxi. the guy must have been cnosfred as hell because i sure as hell am.   I tlotaoly want to move to trhe aprtments in nKL.

oh yeah. so like.. what they say about alcohola. I had hennsey VSOP and some smirnoff Vodak pure. just tsraight shit. I didn’t have organe uice with it at first but later on i had it. it was good stfuf, ahtough I do like real organg ejauice better than concentrate. omg… yhe girl next to me was wearing all wbhite and she kept betting hawter. can’t wait until I star tmakinjg moneyk.


It’s 1:26PM now and I’m fine after sleeping off the alcohol. I figure the bad experience I had with drinking during Spring Break was due more to the food that I ate than the potency of what I had to drink. The post title here was supposed to read “we will become silhouettes”, but I find the current title far more amusing. What I typed down there made sense to me at the time, but looking back on it it’s just a large garbled mess.

The flight to Shanghai was pleasant. I left my home in KL at about 10:30PM for the LRT station and took the LRT to KL Sentral. From there, I stumbled about with my suitcase looking for the KLIA Express. I found the ticketing office, asked someone when the next train was, and made my way to a payphone to contact my mom who was waiting to hear from me. I called what I thought was my home phone number and found the line to be busy. Strange, seeing that generally the phone line is clear.

I tried again a couple of minutes later and then realized I had made a terrible mistake when I heard (wait for this..) Alix’s voice on the other side. Well, damn. That was a little strange. I asked her for my home phone number, called my mom, told her I’d contact her again after checking in for my flight, and then boarded the KLIA Express. The KLIA Express is pretty damn fast. I don’t remember how long the ride lasted for, but I was rather tired and felt like drifting off to sleep. I listened to a couple of songs by The Fray and before long, we had arrived at KLIA.

I followed a group of people off of the KLIA Express and onto an elevator, not paying any attention to which floor it was bound to. I was greeted by a crowd of Cantonese speakers and walked out of the elevator, tired and confused. Found my way to the International Departures area and checked in for my flight. I ate a Big Mac at the McDonalds there – that never fails me. Made my way to the gate too early and sat about waiting to board.

Even though there were relatively few passengers on the plane, the check in staff did not allow me to take on my suitcase. They claimed it was too heavy to manage at some 14kg and that it was too large. I wasn’t surprised to see a number of the other passengers carrying on multiple bags. With constant revisions in airline policy, finding out exactly what’s allowed onboard and what’s not is becoming harder to do. I remember you used to be allowed three lighters onboard. Now I think it’s ‘down’ to five books of matches.

Fell asleep occupying a whole row of seats to myself to be awakened at about five in the morning by the cabin lights. Got the cellphone number of the woman who was sitting next to me :

Arrival at Shanghai was very smooth and getting my suitcase from the carousel was fast as few passengers actually checked in their bags. I remember making critical observations about near everything during the flight. The lousy English of the flight attendant responsible for making messages clear to the passengers, the frighteningly bouncy feel of the plane as it taxied towards the runway, the confusion of a number of passengers about how to fill in the health and customs forms.

I took the Maglev ( 磁浮列车 ) from Shanghai Pudong airport to the Longyang Road ( 龙阳路 ) stop. I was told that the Maglev was fast and I had seen the tracks before, but I had never really seen the train in action. Or perhaps I was too tired to really bother myself looking at it. A ticket in the ‘Economy’ section of the Maglev costs 40 RMB, about $5 USD. The train is sleek and the lines are bold, making it something more of a work of art than a marvel of engineering. There are electronic tickers that display the speed of the train and the time – the train goes back and forth from the airport once every 20 minutes. I climbed aboard the Maglev and watched the electronic speedometer creep its way up. At first there is nothing but a mechanical hum as the Maglev slowly accelerates. Once it reaches about 200 km/h, you get a real appreciation for the speed of the machine. The electronic speedometer doesn’t stop there, though. Acceleration continues smoothly until the Maglev is hurtling past everything at a solid 300 km/h. The ride took some eight minutes of actual transit time, after which I stepped off of the Maglev and felt the oppressive heat of Shanghai during the summer.

Ate 肉包子 that my grandparents had bought in the morning, took a relaxing shower, watched a Chinese-dubbed version of The Aristocats with my cousin who is now five years old, and slept away most of the afternoon, waking up at five to the sounds of cooking. Before dinner my cousin had 外公 write up a little list of the ‘events’ for the night. She really likes holding performances for her family, quite an amusing scene to watch. We all sat about and listened to her, “大家好,我叫 Huang Le Yi,今年我五岁。。” (“Hello everyone, my name is Huang Le Yi, I’m five years old this year..”) before she started each segment of her performance. She played the piano, danced around while humming out music, and finally ended with a story about the sun becoming sickly and the animals rushing to help it feel better.

At 9PM I left the apartment with my uncle to a bar that a couple of his friends would be going to. Wanted to watch the game and whatnot. Arrived at the place, sea & sky infinity, and waited outside for a while before a fat man came out and ushered us in. The place was loud, bright, and altogether garish in appearence but at the same time somewhat relaxing. Loud hip-hop blared from speakers that I never really saw, lasers and other lights worked their way around the inside. The walls were also aglow, always changing in color. Two Heineken longnecks for everyone, a bottle of Hennessy VSOP, and a bottle of Smirnoff. Sat to the side and looked about everywhere, wondered what the DJ actually has to do, saw the dancers coming out in their outfits. I watched one dancer who was wearing a white two-piece for a while before turning my attention somewhere else. I just kept on drinking. After finishing a glass or two of the cognac straight, I had some from a pitcher. The Hennessy was mixed with a Chinese green tea drink, dulling the flavor of the cognac and making it far smoother to drink. I managed to keep my head up and stayed generally alert until the Smirnoff started to hammer at me.

We left the nightclub at 1:30AM or so, determined to finish watching the rest of the game at home. The music had switched from the loud hip-hop to techno some hours back and the place was not as bright as it was when we first walked in. The floor area was fogged up and the lasers still traced their way along it, but gradually the DJ became harder and harder to see and faded into a dark outline, illuminated by the lights still at play. The music was so loud that even shouting at someone to get their attention was near impossible and I could see the filaments in the light fixture next to me dancing along. For a while my Heineken was also throbbing with the beat but that ended as I downed it. I fought off the first two waves of alcohol and some girl dressed up in a white outfit came to sit with us. She said “干杯” (“Cheers/bottoms up!”) but I couldn’t even understand her until my uncle told me what was going on. So I clinked glasses with her and downed the orange juice and Smirnoff mix.

She kept looking prettier and I kept staring at her more and more. I figure I had more to drink than most of the party. At first I was holding on to two mix CDs that I had grabbed earlier but I lost one when someone in the group sat on the CD. I don’t think I ever managed to retrieve it. I kept grabbing pieces of passionfruit, watermelon, grapes, and baby tomatoes. I remember the DJ was speaking into a mic from time to time in what was meant to be English. It was barely understandable to start and as the night progressed, it sounded like nothing but verbal diahorrea. I fell asleep on the couch sometime past three in the morning while watching the beginning of the second match, was awakened by my uncle at some other obscure hour of the morning, and then shuffled off to my bedroom to sleep until noon.