i wish to express my gratitude.

As a result of having been pushed into a little corner and being left with only one way out, I have bagged myself a smooth fifty hours of mandatory community service for the school. I doubt this crap will even count towards my IB CAS. What the hell do I write on the CAS completion forms? “I was forced into helping the school as a result of my poor decision making.”

Thanks a lot for being friends. Next time show you care with a card or something. I was left with no choice but to get fucked over one way or the other. I went with the easier way, that is, the one that wouldn’t yield consequences that were quite as bad. I was hoping for a simple loophole somewhere in the plan, something I could exploit. There wasn’t such a loophole. I got screwed over, and hard.

At least I have the comfort of knowing that you kids are still smiling to yourselves, thinking about how you’ve shown me the right thing to do. Let me do things my way, please.

I’m already overwhelmed with the work that’s popping up. I guess it’s because my time management thus far has been terrible. I’ve been letting everything slide until the last minute and school has barely started. I’ve also gotten a bad rap with the head of the technology office at the school, the principal, and the assistant-principal. So much for a spotless record.

Thankfully nothing from my ISB days has come to the attention of the administration here. I came here with a clean slate and I’m afraid it’s been dirtied. Just a little.

Yay for senior year. Ha.

starting afresh.

What a dreadful end to my old blog. All hell broke loose time after time again on there and I don’t care much for it anymore. I’d rather not have people sifting through my old records. There’s some level of poking around that I can tolerate – too much and it becomes unnerving. The people that visited were not so much strangers, but that’s what I view them as. A few go so far as to remain completely under the radar; that is to avoid leaving any sign that they have visited. Voyeurs.

Maybe it’s just a phase. I hope I don’t go back to it.