times are a-changin’

A two and a half month hiatus. I’m impressed with myself, almost.

So I was talking with my better friends today and one of them says, “Alex, what do you fantasize about?” I was about to turn tail and run – I don’t want to be talking sexual fantasies with a large Korean guy. Luckily he continued along his train of thought, “I mean, do you imagine killing everyone here in this school in your fantasies or what?”

Apparently I’m not putting out enough good vibes.

He later goes on to tell me that I’m not a happy drunk. I asked Logan about that and… – “Every single time you get drunk, you end up QQ-ing.” At least I didn’t make any stupid calls after the end-of-SAT Power Hour :]

Just thinking and damn, I’m gettingĀ way too old.

SAT results in two days. I’m psyched.

oh, i’m excited.

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My brother and I have some RM1300 in cash between the two of us, stashed away in an envelope that’s hidden somewhere in my room. Ample money for making more investments. O2 XDA II Mini and O2 XDA Atom are mine once I get the full details! This is going to be great. I can’t wait for the money to start rolling in. I’m being afforded with an opportunity to double my cash on hand. If all goes as planned, I’ll have perhaps RM2400 when I’m done with the deal. $650 USD cash in my back pocket? Sweet.


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Just another update for the record. iTunes library now has 5012 songs, occupying 27.18GB on my harddrive, and spanning 13 days, 15 hours, 1 minute, and 50 seconds of continuous playback time. Got my hands on all three studio albums released thus far by Copeland.

Recently Added:
Beck – The Information
Cold – 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage
Cold – Year of the Spider
Copeland – Beneath Medicine Tree
Copeland – Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Copeland – In Motion
Jars of Clay – Good Monsters
Jet – Shine On
John Mayer – Continuum

161.6MB of free space on my iPod Video 30GB. :\

back in black.

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So here I am again. I’ve been trying to avoid being absorbed in an e-life, but at times it’s impossible to avoid. Things are shaping up for me IRL, and I feel that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Of course it’s probably too early to take in that breath – I have yet to sit my final testing of the SAT and my college applications are looking sorely neglected. I’ll get around to doing those in good time. I just need to remind myself that my time is extremely limited.

Just keeping inventory. I have purchased zero CDs. My iPod Video 30GB is getting stuffed to its brim, with only 920.1MB of free space remaining. My iTunes Library now holds a grand total of 4896 songs, spanning a total play time of 13 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes, and 42 seconds. This occupies 26.45GB on my harddrive.

I’ve started drafting up something for my Senior Designed Page. My mom took one look and decided that she didn’t like it. Perhaps I’ll aim for something a little more serious. I really find myself questioning whether this page will have any meaning to me later on. Right now it’s a collection of strange, hastily edited images. Album art with the writing scratched out and my name in place of the original message. It’s almost artistic. I just hope it doesn’t come out looking terrible when the yearbooks are taken in for printing.