times are a-changin’

A two and a half month hiatus. I’m impressed with myself, almost.

So I was talking with my better friends today and one of them says, “Alex, what do you fantasize about?” I was about to turn tail and run – I don’t want to be talking sexual fantasies with a large Korean guy. Luckily he continued along his train of thought, “I mean, do you imagine killing everyone here in this school in your fantasies or what?”

Apparently I’m not putting out enough good vibes.

He later goes on to tell me that I’m not a happy drunk. I asked Logan about that and… – “Every single time you get drunk, you end up QQ-ing.” At least I didn’t make any stupid calls after the end-of-SAT Power Hour :]

Just thinking and damn, I’m gettingĀ way too old.

SAT results in two days. I’m psyched.