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Thanksgiving came and went and there was nothing spectacular at all about it. We used to make a bit more of an effort in dealing with these holidays. You know, pick up a turkey and all. Break out the mashed potatoes and gravy. It was an all-family thing. We couldn’t be bothered to pick up a turkey one year in Beijing so we went with a little roast duck. Not the ones that you get in the roast duck restaurants mind you – we got a roast duck in a bag. Not as filling as I would have hoped, but it’s the thought that matters.

I was going to pick up something from the Apple Online Store. An iPod Nano 4GB Blue for my dad. Absolutely stunning color. A couple of hours later I didn’t order an iPod Nano. Instead I ordered a Casio Exilim EX-S770 Graphite Blue for myself. Christmas comes early this year.

Or at least I thought I ordered a camera. It turns out that online shopping is seldom as smooth as it ought to be. Granted, I’ve had good experiences ordering trinkets off of Newegg and the Apple Online Store – prompt delivery times, no hassle ordering, and no confusion along the way. Half of my computer came to me in boxes from Newegg. This site’s a bitch, though.


I wonder if it’s normal to want to trip and spill ice coffee on someone. Or to want to take a knife to someone’s spinal column. I can name one person who I’d very much like to stab clear in the back. I’d make an effort not to stab too high on the spinal column – aim too far up and you risk severing off signals from the brain to all parts of the body. No, I’d stab somewhere towards the bottom of the vertebrae. I want this kid to flail wildly with her arms, to scream out after realizing that her legs no longer respond to the desperate firing of neurons in her brain. Not while I’m watching, of course. I can’t bear the sight of blood. And the piercing noise of screams; not my thing.

Don’t worry, I’m a nice guy. Honest. Scout’s honor, or so help me, whoever the patron saint of angsty teens might be. Thoughts like these are only that largely subdued dark side of mine piping up.

Back to making sure my order goes through.